Christmas tree without needles - is that possible?

A constant annoyance of the Christmas tree are the falling needles, which you then constantly sweep or absorb. Whether there is a possibility to set up the Christmas tree without a large needle sea, and which strategies help, learn in our contribution.

Tips to avoid needles

Without falling needles, it probably will not go away - but you can pretty much avoid needling the tree if you pay attention to a few things:

  • buy the right tree
  • keep the tree moist
  • do not store the tree too long

Choose the right tree species

The individual types of Christmas trees have quite different characteristics. This also applies to the loss of needles.

Nordmann firs and silver firs are the least in demand. The Nordmann fir is the most frequently purchased tree in Germany anyway - nearly 80% of all Christmas trees are Nordmann firs.

Anyone who places spruces (except the blue spruce) in the living room must, however, definitely expect massive needle losses. Spruce trees generally lose very many needles very quickly.

Keep the tree moist

If a tree throws needles, it is too dry. With the increasing dehydration of the tree fall more and more needles. The longer you manage to keep the tree moist, the fewer needles you will need to sweep.

There are a few points to consider:

  • the age (or the date of felling) of the tree
  • the room air conditions
  • the place of installation

A fir tree, which is placed directly next to the heater, naturally dries very quickly. Even high temperatures in the room (overheating) and dry indoor air favor the drying out massively.

In addition, you can help a tree maintain its moisture by placing the stem in the water and spraying the leaves thoroughly with a nebulizer daily.

Note, however, that some tree species are just a very short shelf life - so you should buy spruce as soon as possible before Christmas, because they dry out very quickly and then massively needles. Convince yourself when buying that the tree is freshly beaten (you can tell by the color of the cut surface, it should be as bright as possible).

Do not store tree too long

Of course, even with optimal storage conditions, storage for weeks on end reduces the shelf life when the tree is set up. So do not buy your Christmas tree too early.

Tips & Tricks

You should not leave potted Christmas trees in the heated room for more than 10 days.

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