Christmas window pictures

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Christmas window pictures: pictures

When it's dark, cold and uncomfortable outside, it's a good idea to beautify the windows with Christmas motifs. Not only does this create a festive atmosphere, it also sets the mood for the holidays, but offers a great opportunity to creatively engage yourself and your own children in the warm living room.

Below you will find a selection of the most beautiful Christmas window pictures from the internet compiled on this page.

The building instructions for window pictures contain the most different variants with different materials and materials.

Have fun crafting!

  • 13 bobbin lace letters "

    for Easter, Christmas and for window decoration, as PDF file for download
  • Wickelpüppchen "Vicky" "

    easy to make from handkerchiefs
  • Rosettes and rosette stars made of paper "

    Make rosette stars for the window yourself - instructions with photos
  • Engel-Mobilé as advent calendar "

    Crafting instructions for a mobile with 24 angels from> Tonkarton and gold foil as Advent calendar.
  • Tinker 16-pointed poinsettia "

    Photo guide for a window star made of transparent paper.
  • Christmas crafting ideas "

    Crafting instructions for stars made of paper or polystyrene for Advent wreaths, arrangements, lanterns, window pictures or as tree ornaments
  • Snowman window picture "

    plastic with textured cardboard
  • Window decoration: Santa Claus with sack "

    with motif punch and corrugated cardboard
  • Window picture - "Nicholas Moon" "

    friendly moon for the nursery
  • Window arch with Christmas motif "

    Figures of pine cones
  • Window picture angel "

    Crafting instructions for an angel window picture from photo carton or construction paper with two templates as print templates for download.

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