Clean chrome

Chrome is so appreciated for its intense shine. At the same time, impurities and small scratches are conspicuous on such a chrome surface. The cleaning of chrome is therefore an important part of regular care. How you can clean chrome, we have summarized in this guide - from the purchase product to the efficient home remedy.

Various stains and stains on chrome

Few people know that chromium does not really shine. It is only the coating with nickel and then chrome, which leads to intense shine. Compared to the industrially required hard chrome for bearings, gears, etc. (which is also only matte and gray), a bright chrome coating is not only extremely thin, but also very sensitive to dirt and scratch. Consequently, you must differentiate between different impurities:

- limescale

  • Oil and fat residues
  • Rust stains (rust on the surface or rust washed out with water elsewhere and dried on the chrome)
  • scratch
  • rust bubbles
  • flaking chrome

Depending on the type of contamination or damage, you can use different methods of cleaning.

Clean lime spots on chrome

To remove limescale from chrome, you can always use any commercially available limescale cleaner. But you can also use traditional home remedies such as citric acid or vinegar. The chrome surface then shines again in the usual shine.

Remove oil and grease residues from the chrome

To remove oil and grease stains, use conventional alcohol or ethanol. Simply wipe the chrome surface, the greasy stains are gone.

Clean rust stains

For rust spots it gets a bit trickier. For example, this rust can come from mounting screws on a chrome bumper and run over the chrome with rainwater. The rust literally burns in and is traditionally no longer to remove.

But here, too, there is a proven home remedy: Coke. The soft drink contains phosphoric acid regardless of the manufacturer. This removes rust stains efficiently and really completely. Simply wipe over the chrome surface with a cloth or sponge dipped in cola, let it work in, and then polish in a circular motion.

Remove or reduce rust bubbles

You will be surprised how well the coke removes rust. This even allows you to at least reduce the size of rust bubbles that pass through the chrome layer by largely removing the rust. What remains is then only the damage itself. As you can largely mend the chrome here, so that the rust is barely perceptible, we have stated in the linked guide.

If the chrome layer is already peeling off

If the damage is deeper enough, you can also make the chrome look more attractive again. What you can actually do when chromium peels off, we have summarized here for you.

Tips & Tricks

Of course you can not remove any fine scratches by cleaning. However, you can polish the chrome surface and almost completely restore the old shine. That depends largely on the intensity of the scratches. Of course, you will also find detailed information and valuable tips in the linked guidebook.

Video Board: how to remove rust from chrome faster and easier than coca cola and aluminum foil