Renew chrome

Chromium is used to protect certain components against corrosion and oxidation, but also because of its intense shine. However, the chrome luster decreases over the years due to different influences. One way to restore the shine is to renew the chrome. What has to be considered and how the chrome renovation works, we have summarized for you afterwards.

Bright chrome is a coating

Chromium is used as a coating on metals. But also plastic can be chrome-plated. Chrome is therefore used on different components and components:

  • Vehicle attachment parts such as exterior mirrors, bumpers and interior trim
  • Sanitary facilities such as mixer taps, faucets and showers
  • Furniture handles and ornaments
  • Chrome plating of metal shelves and other utensils

Technical process during chrome plating

When chrome plating of metal is initially applied in high-quality coatings often a copper layer. After the coppering of, for example, aluminum, nickel plating follows. Only after nickel plating can the chrome layer be applied. This is considerably thinner than the underlying layers.

Chrome is durable, but not indestructible

Thus, the chrome layer is never permanently protected despite its high resistance. Several factors can affect the chrome layer:

  • spotting
  • Rust (rust stains and rust bubbles)
  • scratch
  • flaking chrome

Dirt, rust and scratches can still be repaired

For stains you can clean chrome. We also show you how you can use simple means to rust chrome. Even small scratches can still be fixed. Even if chrome polishing is no longer enough, there are ways to repair chrome.

From a certain degree of damage, only renewing the chrome layer helps

However, if the chrome leafs off, the possibilities are extremely limited - although we can also offer you a number of clever tricks and tips. However, if the chrome surface is too badly damaged, there are only two options: chrome-plating or otherwise painting the chrome. Both techniques are expensive.

Renewing chrome: first remove old chrome

Thus, when renewing the chrome layer, the old chrome layer must first be removed. To some extent, you can do it yourself. The problem is, however, that the chrome-plated part must be immersed in an acid solution. This means that the container with the solution must be so large that this component also has room in it.

With this, many do-it-yourselfers reach their limits when it comes to de-chroma

In the case of a bumper, this could be an insoluble or at least only expensive solution for many do-it-yourselfers. Then it is recommended to bring the workpiece to the chrome-plating for galvanic operation. This operation also performs the new chrome plating. However, as we have already mentioned at the beginning, high quality chrome plating is expensive. Consequently, if you want to renew the chrome, you must calculate and weigh the cost-benefit framework precisely.

Tips & Tricks

Not all parts can be chrome plated. Not even all chrome parts can be renewed. For example, no aluminum rims are chrome plated here in Germany. You can buy chrome rims, for example, from the USA, but we will not renew any flaking chrome. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without the chrome finish: you can have the alloy wheels polished to a high gloss. This compacting of the surface results in a similar intense gloss as with chrome. However, keep in mind the sensitivity to, for example, road salt.

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