Mending the chrome

Many commodities are chrome plated or enjoy just because of the chrome plating a great popularity. But if damage occurs on a chrome-plated surface, you can see it immediately. Below are some tips on how to repair chrome and repair something reasonably.

Extensive damage in chrome irreparable

Basically, unfortunately, it must be stated: the professional repair of chrome is not possible. For example, if the chrome is already peeling off, there is no way to completely "demolish" the part in question and then chrome again. However, there are minor damage to chrome that can be repaired:

  • smallest flakes
  • washed-out rust
  • rust bubbles
  • smaller dull spots

Wash stale rust, rust bubbles, minor matte spots

Small rust bubbles and over the chrome run rust you can mend well. All you need is a cloth for polishing and coke. From which manufacturer the drink comes, does not matter.

For example, apply the cola with a spray bottle and leave it on for a long time. Then moisten the surface again with cola and begin to polish the chrome with the now wet cloth. The phosphoric acid contained in the cola is the reason why rust can be removed very well with cola from a chrome surface.

Repair small scratches and chips in the chrome

It gets a bit more difficult if there are already minor flakes or scratches. The procedure now, however, rather corresponds to an emergency repair, so a temporary mending. Depending on the type of chrome part you need the following means and ingredients:

  • a soft cloth
  • chrome polish
  • alcoholic cleaner or acetone (for degreasing, so be careful with fingerprints)
  • oven Bronze
  • Felgensilber

First, the relevant place is polished with the chrome polish. Then everything is cleaned with the cleaning agent and degreased. Now take the furnace bronze or the rim silver, wear it thickly on the soft cloth (flannel or cotton) and apply it well thick.

You will be surprised by the effect

Let it lightly dry until it loses its wet shine and looks dull. Now the corresponding agent is intensively wiped off or rubbed off like when polishing. You will be surprised how good the effect is. However, you can actually only fix small areas. For larger damages you have to chrome the whole part again.

Tips & Tricks

Another home remedy would be brass. Take a thin sheet of brass (really thin) and rub the damage with it. Alternatively, a small brass brush or instead of brass copper. These metals or alloys are softer than chrome and fill in the small scratches so that they are very poorly visible. However, this method also requires some practice.

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