Restore chrome

Especially with old motorcycles and automobiles, the restoration of chrome is always a hot topic. But there are other chrome parts that need to be restored. Whether and how the restoration and repair of chrome works, we have summarized here for you.

The restoration of chrome is only conditionally possible

When it comes to restoring chrome, there is good news and bad news. A chrome surface can not always be restored with professional skill. This is especially true if the chrome layer has extensive damage.

This is the bad news. The good news, however, is that the chrome surface can be concealed by certain restoration measures so far that damage even on closer inspection are barely visible.

These damage to the chrome can be conditionally restored

During the restoration, it must first be distinguished how the chrome is damaged:

  • Dirt (limescale and other dirt)
  • Rust stains (on the chrome)
  • Rust bubbles (through the chrome)
  • scratch
  • flaking chrome

Remove dirt, limescale and rust when restoring

For dirt and lime you can clean chrome. Follow our link and get lots of information and tips on cleaning products that you can use for chrome surfaces. Even superficial rust stains, which you can no longer clean conventionally, can be eliminated with an excellent home remedy.

Apply cola on the rust stains. The phosphoric acid contained in the soft drink easily and quickly removes superficial rust - you will be surprised. You can also remove rust from rust bubbles. What's left is the destruction of the chrome. First, you can grind this surface plan.

Restore rust and scratches

Even with scratches you can do so, if the polishing of chromium is no longer sufficient. Then "polish" the damaged areas with aluminum foil. For smaller scratches and rust bubbles this is best suited. Find out more under "Chrome Repair".

Restore flaking chrome

The situation is similar with flaking chrome. Actually, this can no longer be expertly restored. Rather, a kind of "emergency chrome" is applied. You need chrome polish and rim silver or furnace bronze. First the area is polished, then the furnace bronze or the rim silver is applied. After that has dried, polish the area again.

Temporarily good, but no permanent restoration

You'll be surprised how little of the damage can be seen now - even if you get close to the spots. However, this is only a temporary possibility and only suitable for smaller damaged areas. If the chrome leafs off more heavily or are really big scratches, you need to renew the chrome layer.

Tips & Tricks

Renewing the chrome layer is not without problems. Because before you can chrome again, the old chrome must be removed. As a home improvement you have only limited possibilities. Even if you want to paint a chrome plating instead, there's no way around removing the old chrome. Although there is now Chromhaftgrund, but this can also do no miracles in the extremely hard, dense and smooth chrome surface.

Video Board: how to remove rust from chrome faster and easier than coca cola and aluminum foil