Chucks change on a Black and Decker device

The popular US manufacturer Black and Decker equips its drills and cordless screwdrivers with drill chucks from the company's own accessory brand Piranha. When looking for a new drill chuck, usually without a safety screw, the knowledge of this name is helpful. Changing requires few steps.

Equip old devices

Black and Decker is well known to anyone who has ever had anything to do with a drill or other home improvement tool in his life. The company was the first and largest target group to define private consumers and accordingly developed suitable devices.

Even old drilling machines from the 1970s and later addition of cordless screwdrivers were equipped with easily chucked drill chucks. In most cases, the drill chucks were attached to the device with a 3/8 inch thread.

Therefore, the chuck of all types of old models of Black and Decker are in principle easy to unscrew. Especially with old sprocket chucks, the leverage of the drilling spanner can not transmit enough force to loosen the gland. Here is an extension by a longer Allen with eight millimeters strength.

A hammer blow on the kinked side of the Allen wrench should loosen the chuck on older and old Black and Decker equipment. For drills with two gears, as they have been on the market since 1967, the lower gear must be set. For machines with two directions, the setting is recommended for clockwise rotation.

Black and Decker's new spare parts lists feature new drill chucks that fit on devices that last several decades. Depending on the model, a sprocket chuck may need to be selected, as no matching quick chuck is available.

The German subsidiary of the manufacturer is based in Idstein in Taunus near Frankfurt am Main. From there, spare parts are sent to both customers and dealers. On the technical customer service page of the company on the Internet can be found online at // both dealer directories and a catalog search. In particular, if the building type or numbers are no longer decipherable, it is relatively easy to research every construction model and its spare parts list.

Tips & Tricks

When looking for a new drill chuck from Piranha, you can also search on the German website If you can not find what you are looking for, drill chucks from other manufacturers will also fit.

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