Open chuck by hand or with a drill spanner

Opening the drill chuck is perhaps one of the first methods in which technical functions have been coupled to an intuitive operation. For the long time almost exclusively spreaded sprocket models the user was and still relies on the special drill key. Quick chucks can be opened and closed without tools.

Intuitive usability

One of the key reasons for the popularity and popularity of electrically driven drilling and screwing machines of all kinds are the chuck. Despite the sometimes enormous forces that must be exercised during use, drill chucks with normal hand strength are easy to open.

Changing a drill bit in the drilling machine or inserting another screw attachment is possible with a slight twist in the right direction with a relatively small amount of force. This is mainly because the large axial forces exert little influence on the horizontal locking.

Four opening types

The four common types of chuck can be opened with a key and one or two hands:

Keyed chuck

Around the center sleeve of the drill chuck runs an open round gear. In an above sleeve hole of the drill key is inserted. The "negative" of the gear engages in the interdental spaces of the round gear. Turn clockwise to open the drill chuck, turning it clockwise will cause the increasingly jammed jaws to "move up" and "grab around" the drill.

One-sleeve quick-action chuck

The single-sleeve drill chuck consists of profiled gripping sleeves, which are gripped and turned directly with the fingers of one hand. Turning counterclockwise to the right opens the chuck, the left movement closes it.

Two-sleeve quick-action chuck

While the one-sleeve quick chuck, the attachment to the machine generates the required back pressure, the two-sleeve quick chuck is closed or opened by two-handed counter-rotation of the two superimposed sleeves. The upper sleeve is rotated according to the einhülsigen construction and the lower sleeve ring in the opposite direction.

SDS chuck

In a hammer drill must be provided for the percussion also an axial fixation. The special SDS chucks are opened and closed by a vertical sliding movement. When one-handed pulling in the machine direction, the chuck closes, when pressed in the drill direction, it opens.

Tips & Tricks

In the closed form, opening is usually easier when you open it. Through the drilling process, the seat of the drill chuck has "lashed" and smooth after applying a short approach force.

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