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With the circular saw can be beautiful, straight cut in a wooden board carry out. It belongs to the standard equipment of every joinery, wood workshop and corresponding hobby cellar. A high quality saw blade improves sawing performance and facilitates the work with a saw of average type. A bad saw blade, however, reduces the performance of a good circular saw.

Stiftung Warentest also drew attention to this, but nonetheless used the circular saw blades supplied by the manufacturer in the test of circular saws and jigsaws (issue 11/2010) - because saw blades cost around 30 € and are therefore not easily replaced by consumers. However, if you expect a saw blade of the cheap-class to be the winner of the saw-test winner, you will not be pleased. Incidentally, the cheap saws cut in the end catastrophic.

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Circular saw blade comparison 2018: circular

1. Many saws - one sheet

Circular saw blade comparison 2018: blade

Flexible working thanks to the cordless circular saw and a suitable saw blade.

Circular saw blades can be clamped on different circular saw types. A saw blade for the circular saw can also be useful for a compact chop saw. Here is a list of some saws that are core circular saws:

  • (Mini) circular saw / cordless portable circular saw
  • table saw
  • chop saw
  • circular saw
  • Saw saw (firewood circular saw)

Please note this Hole in the middle, called the saw blade bore, whose diameter must be compatible with the reception of the circular saw, The classic circular saw blade, for example, usually has a bore diameter of 20 or 30 mm. Saw blades with a smaller diameter are also like times under. In the circular saw blade comparison 2018 you will find this information in the table. There are also adapters for larger blades with correspondingly larger holes.

Equally important is the overall diameter of the saw blade. On Too much saw blade would hit the saw guard, Adhere to the specifications made by the manufacturer of your saw.

2. Many teeth for many materials

Wood is not the only material that can be worked with the saw: Aluminum, plastic and metals are no problem with the best circular saw blade, You should also have a circular saw blade for steel. When using it, follow the manufacturer's instructions (usually visible as a print on the sheet).

Of utmost importance to the user is the so-called cut quality, too Called cut result. This indication indicates whether a fine cut or a rough cut is done with the saw blade. Two numbers are common: from 1 to 4 and from A to D. Both mean the same thing.

average resultTypefitness
A1very coarsefast, very coarse longitudinal cuts and cross sections in chipboard and formwork boards, soft and hardwood
B2roughcoarse longitudinal cuts and cross sections in chipboard, shuttering boards, plywood, soft and hardwood,
C3fineCross sections in parquet, chipboard (also coated on both sides), plywood, soft and hardwood
D4very fineparticularly clean cuts in parquet, medium density fiberboard, softwood and much more.
This quality level has nothing to do with the durability or build quality of the saw blade. So you can safely buy any kind of circular saw blade.

In the case of fast longitudinal cuts, in which the circular saw blade initially brings the wood only in a handy format, a rough cut is suitable. For precise cuts against the grain, in which many wood fibers are severed, however, a fine cut is necessary. Otherwise, the cut edges fringe.

Circular saw blade comparison 2018: comparison

Many small teeth allow a clean cross-section through the grain.

A Close stringing of teeth allows a very fine cut, Few, big teeth with large gaps between them cut roughly, many, small teeth fine.

There is also one Difference in whether the teeth are tilted forward or backward, Bend forward ("positive"), similar to a breaking wave, aggressively cut into the wood. The has a positive effect on the speed at which sawn is. However, a foreign object in the wood (eg an iron nail) is the saw tooth to the fatal: He breaks off. If, on the other hand, the teeth are bent backwards ("negative"), even very hard materials can be handled, such as metal tubes.

3. Quality features of the saw blade

Saw blades are mostly made of composite materials. Your Teeth are made of hard metal, which makes them extremely stable, Also popular are saw blades made of a chrome-vanadium alloy, whose teeth are more flexible and work well on soft wood. Unfortunately, they also close faster than the carbide variant. For this type of circular saw blades is cheaper.

After long use, all leaves become dull. A special grinding service of a grinding shop will do the regrinding for you.

4. Safety instructions

Circular saw blade comparison 2018: circular

Clear view of the workpiece - with the safety goggles. Here is a model for spectacle wearers.

Do not underestimate the significant Health risks arising from improper use of heavy power tools, You should definitely wear the following three pieces of protective clothing:

A fitting Goggles prevent flying sawdust from getting into the eyes, This type of injury easily causes permanent damage and is difficult to treat.

No less important is proper hearing protection. Saws often have around 90 decibels and are therefore very loud. In particular, during continuous use, damage to the hearing is possible.

Circular saw blade comparison 2018: 2018

Sawdust is sucked directly through a pipe and can not blow into the user's face.

Comfortable gloves complete the outfit and prevent injuries to the hands.

In addition, it makes sense that Sawdust and chips are extracted directly, This can be done either by a mounted on the saw dust extraction or a corresponding cassette. Even a breathing mask proves good service here. In addition, the workshop or the hobby cellar should be well ventilated. Otherwise, particles may enter the respiratory tract, which were released by circular saw blades.

Circular saw blade comparison 2018: 2018

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