Individually connect a cistern

A cistern of the simplest type, which is to serve only for the production of water for plant irrigation, has three connection points. The connection includes the water inlet from which filtered water is already supplied. For the draining water, the tank overflow must be connected to a drainage system or sewer.

The indispensable connections are completed by a water extraction option, which can consist of a tap or a scoop opening. In most cases, additional connection options of the cistern are used.

The cistern water recovered by a submersible pump can be fed into a domestic waterworks or directed into a buffer tank. It is also possible to connect a floating extraction, in which the water is removed only on the surface.

If temporary water scarcity is to be expected, for example in summer, a drinking water supply can be installed. For the fine filtration of the cistern water, the connection of a sand filter system is suitable.

Video Board: Wayne Shallow Well Jet Pump with 8.5-Gallon Pressure Tank - 1/2 HP, 288 GPH, Model# JSU50 8.5FX