Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths

Craft ideas for a traditional Advent wreath

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: traditional

The pre-Christmas period is a time of preparation and waiting for the arrival of Christ. This includes lighting a candle on the Advent wreath on each of the four Sundays before Christmas Eve, symbolizing the approaching arrival of the light of the world.

The classic Advent wreath is still very popular. This is not surprising, because it is one of the things that connects everyone with beautiful Christmas from childhood. It is traditionally made of a wreath of pine, pine or coniferous branches, decorated with four red pillar candles and decorated with ribbon, straw stars or other natural materials such as cinnamon sticks, pine cones or orange slices.

Ribbon or pillar candles are purchased from specialist dealers. However, most of the materials for a traditional Advent wreath are also found in nature in autumn. - You just have to collect them and use them to make a Christmas wreath.

Although the components of the classic Advent wreath seem manageable, there are a variety of possible variations. So you can also design the Advent wreath as an advent calendar. Or one concentrates only on a topic such as "Christmas baking" and adorns it for example with cookie forms or Christmas cookies.

We've put together a selection of matching tutorials that everyone can use classic Advent wreath can tinker.

Advent wreath as Advent calendar

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: wreaths

This Advent wreath is kept in the classic color combination of green and red. However, he also has a modern facet, because he is also an Advent calendar. In addition to pine cones and small ornamental apples made of plastic, it is decorated with small numbered clothespins. The larger the wreath, the larger packages can be attached for each day of Advent.

Delicious Advent wreath

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: wreath

In the pre-Christmas period, one cultivates many traditions: You set up an Advent wreath, you bake cookies and stollen. This Advent wreath combines both and makes Christmas baking the topic. In addition to cinnamon sticks and pine cones, there are also gingerbread hearts and icing-decorated cookies on the traditional wreath. So a classic Advent wreath gets a modern touch.

Red Christmas wreath

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: wreaths

This Christmas Advent wreath shines in different shades of red. It owes its radiance to the four red pillar candles and its lush ornamentation: matte and shiny red Christmas baubles, bound rosehips, dried apple and orange slices. The latter can also be easily produced by yourself.

Rustic Advent wreath

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: traditional

This version of a traditional Advent wreath looks particularly rustic, because warm, dark colors determine its appearance. Brown cinnamon sticks and anise stars, copper-colored angel hair, checkered ribbons and burgundy pillar candles make one think of a traditional Christmas in a small, snowy hats.

Christmas wreath with elks

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: advent

If you want to give your traditional Christmas wreath with fragrant orange slices, dark pine cones and red berries a modern twist, you can also use thematically matching decorative elements like this white moose. This leaves you with the traditional scheme, but gives it a new and fresh facet.

Hanging Christmas wreath

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: wreath

If you only have a little space available, you can dodge into lofty heights and sometimes hang the Advent wreath off the ceiling. So that the wreath can convince from all perspectives, you should not only decorate the top, but also the underside of the wreath sufficiently. This model is decorated for example with lush ribbon.

A dream in copper

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: wreaths

Not only red in all nuances, but also different orange, brown and white shades belong to the colors of a traditional Advent wreath. Often red is chosen as the main color, but you can just as well dominate one of the other colors. This model uses orange and copper as accent colors. This makes the wreath appear traditional and modern at the same time.

Christmas wreath with bells

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: wreath

The beauty of the dark Advent and Christmas season is that everything glitters, sparkles and shines. Therefore, this Christmas wreath also relies on shiny golden and red Christmas baubles, dark red velvet ribbons with gold embellishment, orange pillar candles with glitter and golden chiselled bells. So the dark season can come.

Wonderfully fragrant Advent wreath

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: advent

This traditional Christmas wreath in shades of orange and brown charms not only eyes but also noses. Because instead of the usual pillar candles scented candles are used in star form. Depending on the selected variety, it smells wonderfully of cinnamon, vanilla or orange.

Tips on fire safety and security of Advent wreaths

Classic Advent wreath: traditional Advent wreaths: traditional

The material of the Advent wreath must not dry out, otherwise it may catch fire. Therefore, it is best to use only self-extinguishing candles. A special patent prevents hot wax from leaking and igniting. In addition, the flame goes out by itself and thus reduces the risk of fire considerably.

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