Noble, chic and care-intensive: black tiles

With black tiles as a floor covering or as a wall cladding, a very elegant ambience can be created. Natural stone such as slate or granite bring along structures or textures. As an alternative, black, usually shiny, ceramic is often chosen.

A question of dosage

The color black is generally perceived as elegant and high quality, which is also the case with tiles. However, a large role is played by the dosage, which can quickly tip over into the gloom by too much. Add to this the effect of the light "swallowing", which transforms a decorative look into dominating darkness.

When using black tiles, the use is usually limited to individual areas of a room such as the floor, single walls or podiums and black and white combinations. For monochrome black tile surfaces both natural stones and tiles are chosen, for combinations with other colors such as the checkerboard pattern almost exclusively ceramic tiles.

Ceramics and porcelain stoneware

Black tiles made of porcelain stoneware with or without glaze belong to the standard range of all tile dealers and manufacturers. In addition to smooth matt or glossy surfaces are also slightly marbled and textured tile spread.

  • Floor tiles in various designs cost with from 12.90 euros per square meter (2013). Prices range from slate optics for 24.90 euros to 40.90 euros for large-sized porcelain stoneware with a slight glitter effect.
  • The discount online retailer collects cheap items from various brand manufacturers and offers them in flat-rate batch sizes for up to fifty percent below the original price.

Natural rocks in black

For black tiles, which are cut from natural rock, the price and the appearance depends heavily on the rock type.

  • The granite comes in many blacks and is more or less marbled by white mica. Black granite tiles are available from around € 40 per square meter.
  • Slate is one of the favorite natural rocks when black tiles are to be chosen. The tile prices start at around fifty euros per square meter. Under a meaningful price list is downloadable.
  • Black marble tiles start at prices of fifty euros per square meter, although surface treatment can have a major impact on price ranges.

Tips & Tricks

Black tiles are maintenance intensive. With lime water, dried drops remain visible on glossy ceramic. Textures and textures like a slight marbling reduce this effect.

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