Clay plaster plays many advantages in the living room

In the living room creates a clay plaster depending on the design an elegant, dignified to rustic atmosphere. The living room as a leisure and living space benefits in particular from the improvement of the indoor climate and the cleaning effect of the clay plaster. By restricting the sensitivity for wall mounting holes is perceived.

Relatively easy to work with

The design variety of loam plaster can, as with other plaster types, be flexibly adapted to the interior design style, the spatial character and the beauty ideal. As a decorative plaster inside is a smooth surface all the way to
Plaster with structure possible.

The frugal and cheap material can also be done with a little experience. Helpful are finished plasters that already bring the right mixing ratio. A specific advantage of clay plaster is its ability to be corrected. If the plastering does not give a satisfactory result, the material is simply "wet" again and processed again.

Planning factors regarding material properties

The characteristics and advantages of clay plaster with regard to indoor climate compensation and air purification are opposed by three aspects that should be considered during the planning:

1. The clay plaster is softer than lime and lime cement plasters and generates abrasion when touched
2. Clay has no alkaline effect and "kills" no germs and spores
3. Wall fixtures must be reinforced mechanically for heavy goods

Nails and screws in clay plaster

The difficulty may be the subsequent attachment of small furniture, shelves and wall decorations like picture frames. While hard plasters with lime and cement as binder are relatively easy to carry larger picture frames, a clay plaster is more sensitive. This is due both to the consistency and to the non-existent chemical compound to the substrate.

When planning, it makes sense to think in advance about possible attachment points for heavier loads such as shelves or boards. They can be pre-planned by several devices:

  • Partial incorporation of wooden rails in the clay plaster
  • Reinforcement reinforcement with stable mesh
  • Trim strips and planks mounted on the plaster for temporary and changing fortifications (gallery style)

Tips & Tricks

You can apply loam plaster on the walls and ceiling faster and easier than rolling plaster. Colors can be mixed in pigment form.

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