Select clay roof tiles or concrete roof tiles

In contemporary architecture, clay roof tiles or concrete roof tiles are suitable for single-family houses and multi-family houses with pitched roofs. The fired clay products have a longer history and some advantages over the concrete products. Their capillarity allows a more reliable removal of moisture from the roof underside.

The lifespan of clay roof tiles is set by manufacturers to be fifty years, and covers can last eighty years or more. However, most manufacturers give guarantees up to a maximum of ten years. The lifetime of the concrete roof tiles is estimated at thirty years, this period is usually accompanied by a manufacturer's warranty.

Clay roof tiles are significantly more expensive than concrete roof tiles, which is also due to the complex and energy-intensive production. The environmental balance for the material clay is significantly worse, but must be relativized by the longer durability. Subjectively, many roof owners find that clay roof tiles are less heavily overgrown with mosses and lichens, which the concrete roof tile manufacturers call inappropriate.

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