Clay roof tiles prices what clay tiles can cost

Tiles made of clay are still the most popular form of roofing in Germany. Where the prices for clay roof tiles in approximately what is price-critical, and what counts in the cost calculation, you can read here.

Prices are often far apart

Clay roof tiles are available in countless variations, each with very different shapes, sizes and resulting properties.

In addition to the classic beaver, today the Frankfurter Pfanne is very common, both are available in countless color variations, surface designs and sizes. In addition, numerous special forms of roof tiles are used again and again.

Clay roof tiles prices what clay tiles can cost: cost

The prices of clay roof tiles differ due to many different criteria:

What has a price-determining effect on clay roof tiles

  • the brick shape
  • the size
  • the nature of the surface - whether natural, engobed or glazed
  • the manufacturer name

In addition, each manufacturer and dealer has its own price calculation, which always a little bit depends on what is in demand, and what sells less often. As a rule, clay roof tiles are priced at between € 0.50 and € 2, and very large tiles can be more expensive.

Clay roof tiles on the internet

  • Here is a wide selection of different brick models, plus a lot of useful information.
  • Even with this dealer, there is a wide range of products not only of clay bricks but also of alternatives.
  • The relatively well-known dealer also offers a very large assortment.

That way you can keep costs down

Always compare the price per square meter for your specific roof - anything else can seriously mislead you. Depending on the roof, roof pitch, cover type and installation method, the costs for the same roof tile can vary considerably.

Tips & Tricks

For glazed bricks, always make sure that you are allowed to use them in your residential area because of the glare effect. That is not the case in many places.

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