Grout the bathtub clean - in 3 steps

If the joints between bathtub and wall become unsightly, they can simply be grouted. Only a little silicone or acrylic is needed. Here we show what else to pay attention to when grouting the bathtub.

Clean the joint perfectly

If it is not a new bathtub to be grouted, the old sealing material must first be removed. This is usually a little expensive and annoying. But with a discarded potato peeling knife, the old seal can be eliminated quite well.

If it is an acrylic pan, work very carefully. With the potato peeling knife, a scratch can easily be torn.

Mask or work freehand

Here, the ghosts are also divided in the forums. While many do-it-yourselfers swear to stick to it, most do-it-yourselfers prefer to work without the tape. And for a good reason.

If you rely on the adhesive strip, you quickly get a thick sausage, which then rises slightly as the edge is pulled off the strip. This edge is later extremely susceptible to dirt and also tears easily.

Pull the joint on the bathtub

When everything is perfectly clean and dry, the new joint can be pulled. The cartridge of the acrylic or silicone compound is pressed into the joint with a pistol. It is important to draw a uniform thin sealing cord.

Then the supernatant is simply removed with a squeegee. In between, the excess material can be repeatedly removed with a little lukewarm rinse water from the squeegee.

Material and tools

Although not much tools are needed for a perfect joint, at least the caulking gun should not necessarily be the cheapest model.

  • Silicone or acrylic
  • Plastic squeegee
  • Cup or small bucket
  • pistol
  • some old rags

Tips & Tricks

Also important is closing the cartridge after use. Smart do-it-yourselfers craft small wooden plugs that they stick in the opening.

Plastic does not work because it sticks to acrylic or silicone during storage. But remember to pull it out and leave your stick long enough that you can still grab it.

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