Clean and repair the terrace

Clean the terrace and remove leaves and dirt

Clean and repair the terrace: stones

The summer is coming and we long to finally sit on the terrace and enjoy the sunshine. But the terrace has suffered the winter - until it can be used again, there are still some work to be done. Learn here how your terrace shines again in new splendor. Before you can even start working, the terrace must be roughly cleaned and freed from dirt and debris. Especially in wind collects leaves and branches in the patio corners like. If moisture is added, the leaves stick to the floor and walls and soil them. The leaves should therefore be removed carefully and rubbing prevented so that the dirt does not settle even deeper. But beware! In the foliage collections many animals overwinter. Therefore, certain tips should be taken when cleaning the terrace. Incidentally, the foliage can be disposed of in various ways and even used elsewhere.

Clean terrace stones and remove weeds

Clean and repair the terrace: repair

A horror for those who want to clean their terrace: Over the winter, the terrace stones pollute and become unsightly. Solid foliage can become a slippery trap. Even with the smallest rays of sunshine, the weeds sprout wildly out of the ground. So that the terrace floor is not covered with weeds in a short time, you should take precautions. It is better not to use chemical solutions because they pollute the environment and can also affect plants. In addition, they also offer no permanent solution against weeds. There are some effective natural remedies here. So vinegar essence helps against dandelion and also hot salt water interrupts the weed growth temporarily. However, the salt water leaves white edges on the terrace stones. Weeds can also be removed with special joint scratches. Terrace stones are best cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. Heavily soiled stones should be pre-treated with a brush or a scrubber. Also during cleaning, vinegar has been proven. In the specialized trade there are special cleaning substances for terrace stones.

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Exchange torn terrace stones

In severe frost terrace stones can break. The damage is usually discovered only in the spring. The broken stones should be replaced if possible. Depending on the damage, it is advisable to completely renew the terrace stones and install them frost-proof. Sand embedded stones can be easily removed and replaced. For tiles, the problematic, a detachment of the cracked tile is difficult. Often it comes to further damage to surrounding stones. Who wants to play it safe, should therefore resort to a specialist.

Check or replace fencing, floors and draft shield

Also fences and patio surrounds can be damaged in winter. Straight wooden fences and floors are a popular attack surface, as unimpregnated wood easily rots. Even treated wood can suffer, for example, in heavy rainfall or unusually high water retention. If you clean your patio, make sure that the water runs smoothly along the wooden terrace protection. Basically, a patio protection made of wood should be treated with care products and protective coatings. Alternatively, special oils can be used.

Cultivate plants and bring potted plants from the winter quarters

Clean and repair the terrace: clean

As soon as spring announces itself and you have to clean the terrace, you should get the plants from the winter quarters. However, these should only be put outside when the ground frost time is finally over. Sensitive plants, such as olives or oleanders, should be covered as a precaution on cold nights. Some plants, such as lavender, need to be cut back in spring. In addition, a repotting is required so that the plants can form new shoots. Terraces surrounded by hedges require special care. The edges and transitions to the patio floor must be carefully cleaned and swept away. Often, rubbish accumulates there. This also belongs immediately in the garbage, so that no vermin spreads. Hedges should be cut back in the spring so that new branches can form unhindered. However, there are legal requirements for the trimming and cutting back of hedges. A radical pruning is only possible until the end of February. After that, only small nursing cuts are allowed. Even fixed planters can be damaged over winter and should therefore be checked for damage and replaced. Another Tip: Planters with bottom holes should always be placed on a coaster. This prevents contaminated water from entering the patio floor during pouring.

Clean and impregnate garden furniture

Clean and repair the terrace: terrace

The terrace gets the finishing touch when cleaning, even if the garden furniture from the winter quarters come. Depending on the parking space, these can be slightly to heavily soiled. KPlastic furniture only needs to be cleaned while wooden furniture still needs extra protection. For cleaning plastic furniture, vinegar water is particularly suitable. For heavy soiling, chlorine solutions can be used. For wooden furniture, you should resort to special care products that are available from specialist retailers. For heavy soiling, green edges and moss deposits, a high-pressure cleaner can also be used.

Clean the patio: Other works

Heavy rainfall can flush out the joint sand - the stones become loose. So fill up. A tip: There is also joint sand, which inhibits weed growth. Also, the joints and edges on the patio doors should be thoroughly cleaned in the spring. This is where insects nest with preference, which can quickly become a plague. So that the terrace remains free of annoying insects in the summer, you should take precautions in the spring. Chamomile and savory prevent nudibranch spreading on the patio. Even a tomato plant in the tub is sufficient to drive away annoying flies.

Author: Siegfried Bühner, expert for constructional sun protection and project manager at the awning manufacturer Pina GmbH.

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