Cleaning glass surfaces: current prices for the window cleaner

If you do not clean the windows yourself, order a window cleaner. For most commercial real estate, this practice is common, private homeowners are following suit. Still the question remains: Which costs arise for the practical service?

These factors are price-determining

  • Regional differences: In metropolitan areas and large cities, prices for window cleaners are generally higher than in rural areas.
  • Accessibility of the glass surfaces: If the window cleaner approaches all glass surfaces well, there are no special costs.
  • Degree of contamination of the windows: Special cleaners and above-average number of working hours can cause higher costs.
  • Special Offers: If you pay attention to cheap bargains and package deals, you can save money.
  • Size of the glass surface: The price per square meter decreases with many suppliers, if the total area exceeds a certain measure.

Where are the costs for the window cleaner?

Most window cleaners charge around 2 to 4 EUR per square meter of cleaned glass surface. Offers in the range between 1 and 2 EUR are rather rare.

Beware of unusually cheap "bargains !: First check whether the respective company is known for its good work. Durable dumping prices can be a signal that something is wrong with the service.

Some providers charge a surcharge when the total area exceeds a certain square footage. For example, a total window area of ​​less than 100 square meters could cost EUR 1 per square meter more.

With cheap package deals, you should pay close attention to the fine print. Which conditions apply to this specific bargain? You may even get 8 cleaned windows for 30 to 40 EUR, if they are on average large.

Window cleaner for a commercial property: a price example

A commercial property has a total window area of ​​250 sqm. Some places are difficult to access and can only be reached from outside with the lift. Once a year, the management provides the luxury of professional window cleaning.

Window cleaners only charge 2.50 EUR per square meter for a total area of ​​100 square meters. Access and lift cost extra.

Cost overviewprice
1. 2 x directions80 EUR
2. Clean the 250 sqm window from the inside625 EUR
3. Clean 250 sqm window from the outside625 EUR
4. Price surcharge for lift200 EUR
total1,530 EUR

Lift costs extra!

If the window cleaner does not have access to all areas to be cleaned by a ladder, it may sometimes be necessary to use heavy equipment. In the case study, the specialist company used a lift, which of course raises additional costs.

Tips & Tricks

Remember that windows have an inside and an outside. That sounds only logical, but many clients have already stumbled upon this simple fact. The square meter price of the window cleaner is to be calculated twice for each window!

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