Cleaning a sandstone wall requires sensitivity

Sandstone as soft rock must be cleaned with care to avoid damaging the internal structure. A sandstone wall is best cleaned only by mechanical methods without the use of any chemistry. The balance between the cleaning effect and the risk of damage must be individual and appropriate.

Sandstone style and French home remedy

If you want to clean a sandstone wall, you should first familiarize yourself with the type of sandstone that makes up the bricks. While quartz and carbonite bound sandstone is more resistant, clay and spatially bound varieties are porous and brittle.

The mechanical power must be adapted to the sandstone wall. With the help of chemical cleaning agents, not every sandstone can handle the same remedy. For example, acids are poison for calcareous sandstone.

As a popular home remedy for cleaning sandstone in France, the bleaching agent "Eau de Javel" is used. Again, it is important to first make sure that the affected sandstone wall can tolerate the chlorine contained therein.

Sandblasting and patina

The safest way to clean sandstone is by blasting. The best known is the sandblasting of the sandstone. Other blasting substances such as glass and nut granules or blast furnace slag can be used.

Basically, before cleaning a sandstone wall, a stonemason should examine and characterize the rock. In addition to possible damage to the bricks, the protective layer, the patina, must be taken into account. Although it affects the look, but at the same time a protective element for the sandstone.

Sometimes subject to approval

Under no circumstances should a pressure washer be used, whose "aggressiveness" can cause great damage to the sandstone wall. Brushing cleaning methods are gentler and may be assisted by a steam cleaner if the sandstone is suitable.

For large outer walls that border public spaces such as streets, paths or squares, cleaning may require approval. Responsible is usually the lower nature conservation authority or the lower water authority. Depending on the area and location, safeguards may be required and some cleaning methods prohibited.

Moss and green vegetation can be loosened by soaking or washing several times. With a scrap wood and a root brush, the sandstone wall can then be freed from it.

Tips & Tricks

Always try out the method of cleaning and any cleaning agents that you have selected first in a slightly visible area of ​​the sandstone wall. So you can recognize the reaction and effect and can make more confident decisions.

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