Cleaning the grave stone should be done regularly

In order to keep a gravestone attractive and in a respectable condition, in most cases the regularity of cleaning is crucial. Most natural rocks can be kept clean with simple home remedies and gentle handwork.

Granite, marble or sandstone

The majority of tombstones, enclosures and possibly also cover plates are made of granite, marble or sandstone. While granite and marble usually have polished surfaces, the sandstone is rough and often uneven.

When cleaning granite, you can work with rags and towels. If the tombstone is not impregnated or sealed, it should be made up. A gravestone protected in this way needs nothing more than a regular polishing of the granite. Some special soiling, such as bird droppings or resinous plant parts, are the easier to remove the fresher they are.

Cleaning the grave stone should be done regularly: done

Unlike hard stone granite, the marble is a soft rock and therefore more sensitive. The grave stone and grave structure of marble helps in addition to the regular cleaning a continuous care of the marble. In addition to the intervals of the marble cleaning special care products act as "balm" for the sensitive natural stone.

A gravestone made of sandstone usually has an uneven rough surface. Unlike the smooth surfaces of other rocks, cleaning can not be done by wiping. For mechanical cleaning brushes of various types are recommended, which can range from an old toothbrush to hard bristle shoe brushes. As with other types of stone, the regular and frequent cleaning of sandstone is the key to success.

How to clean a tombstone

  • water
  • curd soap
  • Stone or salad oil
  • Salmiakgeist
  • Vinegar (-essenz)
  • Possibly natural stone special cleaner
  • Marble Body Lotion
  • pastes
  • cotton cloth
  • Soft sponge
  • Soft brush
  • Hard bristle brush
  • Wurzelbürste
  • toothbrush
  • spray bottle
  • watering Can
  • mop bucket

1. Select detergent

Buy surfactant- and acid-free detergents. For the soapsuds, you can get soap or soft soap without additives. Household cleaners including dishwashing detergents are not suitable for any type of tombstone.

2. Mix detergent

Mix a soapy solution and add a few drops of stone or salad oil to prevent the natural stone from drying out. To remove verdigris, moss and bird droppings, apply diluted vinegar essence to a sponge and work on any non-polished surfaces. For polished stones they use instead ammonia.

3. Apply and clean

For smooth granite or marble surfaces, wipe off the gravestone with the wrung damp cloth. If using a spray bottle, wipe with a dry cloth after spraying. For sandstone, you must either use the brush dipped into the cleaning agent or brush it after spraying with the dry brush. First use the hard bristles and you will be "softer" from step to step.

4. Clean the label

With a soft toothbrush you can clean and polish the inscription of the tombstone.

Tips & Tricks

Clean the gravestone every visit, if possible, weekly.

Video Board: Headstone & Memorial Cleaning Demonstration