Climate protection - Guide to efficient energy saving

Climate change is very much in vogue in Germany. Renewable energies and an energy revolution called by the federal government are setting the tone for many energy suppliers. By 2020, German households should reach a share of at least 30% of the electricity supply. An ambitious goal, but the CO2Emissions are reduced year by year, so Germany is setting a good example worldwide. But even households can actively participate in the energy transition and make small investments to use less energy. On the one hand, electricity is becoming more and more expensive, and on the other hand, participation can help to protect the environment. It does not always have to be expensive investments that have a big impact. That's why we've put together the top five energy saving tips. In this way, both the wallet and the environment can be saved.

The five best tips for saving energy

Tip 1: Compare electricity providers and reduce energy costs

Climate protection - Guide to efficient energy saving: efficient

Changing providers can reduce costs.

Green electricity does not necessarily have to be expensive - many electricity providers now rely exclusively on renewable energy from the sun and offer consumers comparatively favorable conditions. If you want to do something for the environment and still save on energy costs, it is a good idea to ask for suitable offers on a price portal. The portal from offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy a smart overview of all providers with green electricity. So a change of provider can be worthwhile in many cases. At the same time you can save money and protect the environment.

Tip 2: Put on intelligent glass to save electricity and heating costs

The energy consumption is particularly high by heating in winter, but also the air conditioning in the summer is a true energy eater. The solution to the problem can be found in smart glass, also known as "smart glass", which manages to eliminate extreme solar radiation from the house at the push of a button. The "smart glass" makes it possible to dim the windows and shut out the sun without completely darkening rooms. In this way, it is possible to leave enough daylight in a room without heating a room. However, it is also possible to save energy without expensive special glazing. Because activities in the household, which can be carried out in daylight, should be made only in daylight. This avoids the unnecessary turning on of light sources.

Tip 3: LED lighting instead of conventional light bulbs

Climate protection - Guide to efficient energy saving: efficient

Energy saving with LEDs

The LED technology has made tremendous progress in recent years and today provides a very bright and pleasant light. The days when LEDs put off many by cold light are long gone and they are no longer inferior to conventional light sources.

For example, LED lighting is preferable to ordinary incandescent lighting, as energy consumption is only a fraction of what conventional lighting consumes.

Tip 4: Replace outdated cooling units

Even aging refrigerators can be real power hogs and massively increase energy consumption in the home. As a rule, refrigerators older than ten years are no longer up-to-date with energy consumption. Energy efficiency class A +++ is a particularly efficient and economical device and is the best in the market. The purchase of new refrigeration appliances can pay for itself through a reduced power consumption after just a few years.

Tip 5: Turn off stand-by mode

Climate protection - Guide to efficient energy saving: efficient

Safety edges do not cause stand-by costs.

Stand-by mode is indeed a comfortable setting to access electronic devices at all times. But the stand-by mode also consumes a lot of power. Thus, about 5% of the electricity costs can be saved if devices are completely disconnected from the mains supply. As a smart and practical alternative serve multipurpose sockets with a toggle switch.

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