Clinker - Clinker façade - clad facade with clinker bricks

Retro-fitted clinker facades also serve climate protection

No more cold, wet and noisy

Clinker - Clinker façade - clad facade with clinker bricks: clinker

Cladding facade with clinker elements (Photo: Kess)

According to recent studies, poorly insulated homes are one of the main drivers of climate change. Especially older buildings have insufficient thermal insulation on.

In addition to the Consequences for the environment Sometimes the inhabitants of these houses do not feel well anymore.

Unnecessary heat loss, the high heating costs or cold rooms produce, rising dampness that penetrates into the masonry and damages the indoor climate, as well as street noise, which can not be prevented by the old walls, affect the quality of life and in the worst case, affect your health.

Out Fear of expensive and expensive renovation work However, most homeowners find themselves with these adversities and live with cold, wet and noisy.

The solution to these problems is, however, simpler than many believe: Modern insulating clinker systems can disguise and insulate façades without foundation, ie without cumbersome earthworks.

Clinker - Clinker façade - clad facade with clinker bricks: façade

Attach clinker element (Photo: Kess)

clinker protect the house from cold, wet and noisy and can be easily assembled by both professionals and hobbyists. The clinker façade elements are suitable for every type of house and can be installed without extensive tools.

The ready made corners also provide for a visually and technically seamless transition, In addition to the insulating properties, the clinker bricks embellish the look of the home and are particularly dirt-repellent.

No matter whether it concerns new construction, conversion or renovation of private or commercial buildings: The insulating clinker elements of the manufacturer Kess are ideal for Thermal insulation as well as for moisture and sound insulation suitable.

Thanks to the prefabricated, about 138 by 70 centimeters large plates lthe system can easily be done by a professional or a specialist assemble skillful home improvement, The individual elements are placed on a start rail, with Special dowels securely fastened and glued.

Afterwards, the new façade is grouted by hand. Once the "wall in front of the wall" is up, the house is permanent and reliable against cold, wet and noisy protected.

Clinker - Clinker façade - clad facade with clinker bricks: façade

Clinker façade: before - after (Photo: Kess)

This protects your wallet and your nerves, and the environment is also relieved. In addition to the insulating properties The new exterior wall makes the look even better of the home and is particularly dirt-repellent.

The Kess insulating clinker are available in different colors. From the classic red to the creamy white to the rustic brown: the client can look forward to his new house look a total of twenty shades choose. Further information is available at

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