Renovate clinker façade: What costs arise?

Clinker façades, with their almost legendary durability and durability, need virtually no maintenance and hardly ever need to be refurbished. What costs can arise when a clinker facade has yet to be rehabilitated, you can find out here.

renovation projects

The necessary extent of a renovation can be quite different: this can range from repairing individual joints over the complete Neuverfugung up to the completely new bricking of the entire clinker facade.

Accordingly, of course, the cost of remedial measures is very different. The repair of joints is a very simple and usually cost-effective renovation. If there is a need to rebuild, because the load-bearing capacity no longer exists, the costs are clearly high.

Renovate clinker façade: What costs arise?: renovate

Prices for the joint renovation

For the evaluation of the function of a joint and partial repair of individual joints usually only very small amounts are required - some providers advertise with "from 20 EUR per m²", but the costs may well be twice as high depending on the effort.

The grouting in new construction (exposed masonry) usually costs from around 7 - 8 EUR per m², in a similar area, the costs are also in Neuverfugen. The cost of removing the old joints (which must be done absolutely professionally) are added.

Prices for further services

The replacement of individual stones is generally based on the required effort and possibly additionally necessary measures (often joint renovation).

A hydrophobing of the facade by the skilled person requires a facade cleaning. Cleaning costs are generally around 3 EUR per m², a hydrophobing costs about 5 EUR per m². The prices may vary depending on the service provider.
The cost of a completely new bricking the facade (possibly using the old stones) are difficult to specify a flat rate, since quite different efforts may be necessary. In general, however, the production of a facing brick made of clinker costs at least 130 - 150 EUR per m². With a re-walling one can deduct the included costs for the stones (about 30 - 40 EUR per m²) and comes thus to a rough estimated price of approx. 100 EUR per m².

Tips & Tricks

The renovation of a clinker facade (front wall facade) is almost always worthwhile because of the high durability of the clinker bricks. On the other hand, demolishing or plastering the front wall façade for renovation is only rarely a sensible solution.

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