Remove clinker - makes sense?

Clinker was often used in older houses to protect the facade. They provided excellent weather protection and are among the most durable façade coverings available. Whether it makes sense to demolish clinker that you no longer want, and what alternatives there are, read in this post.

Clinker masonry construction

A clinker wall is usually built with two shells. On the inside is bricked with brick, on the outside is the brickwork. In between there are so-called air layer anchors that hold both together.
Modern clinker facades are often insulated, with the insulation between the masonry and the masonry brickwork. Such insulation is usually very effective.

Advantages of the clinker facade

Clinker facades offer a very effective weather protection for the masonry and in itself a (slightly lower) thermal protection, even in the uninsulated variants. In addition, they also provide excellent sound insulation and allow moisture to escape from the inside to the outside, but not penetrate from the outside.

Remove clinker - makes sense?: makes

Remove clinker?

They are extremely durable and practically always as durable as the house itself. The (expensive in the construction of expensive) clinker facade would be in most cases a very bad decision.
Sometimes - for example, for the subsequent attachment of an ETICS (thermal insulation composite system) to an older house - is considering demolishing the clinker facade. But there are other possibilities everywhere, a demolition is in no case recommended.

Clinker and ETICS

Although it often does not pose any problems to apply ETICS to a clinker façade, in practice, however, some points have to be examined very critically:

  • Moisture diffusion (vapor barrier on the inner wall absolutely necessary, otherwise moisture may remain in the air layer)
  • Window connections can be problematic (put windows better in the insulation layer)
  • Airtightness of the wall structure (insulation does not work otherwise)

Alternatives to ripping off

If the look of the clinker façade bothers you, there are several options. to change it.

Painting the clinker

Clinker can be painted quite easily (even by yourself). Instructions can be found here.

Plaster clinker

If you do not enjoy using the clinker optics, you can also plaster the clinker. The endeavor, however, is more complicated, the structure of the plaster layer must be planned in any case exactly. It's best to do something like this from a specialist.

Tips & Tricks

If the clinker already has damage to the joints, it may make sense to re-grout the clinker.

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