Renovate clinker: which costs are incurred?

Clinker facades as facing façades are among the most durable and maintenance-free facades available. Renovations are rare, and if necessary only after decades. What can cost such a thing, you will learn in detail in this post.

restoration effort

As a rule, clean clinker facades are almost indefinitely durable as facing bricks. There is also hardly any care and maintenance for the facade. Such facades can easily become over 100 years old without serious damage.

As a rule, renovation work rarely affects the clinker bricks themselves, but usually the existing joint network. Due to their hard and tightly closed surface, the stones are hardly damaged even in rough conditions.

Renovate clinker: which costs are incurred?: renovate

This also applies to clinker paving. Only over many decades committed clinker patches can suffer from worn out areas and abrasion - even in these cases, however, usually a simple repair is easily possible without having to replace the stones.

Renovation of joints

The damage profile of the joint network can - depending on the type and design of the joint and prevailing environmental conditions - be quite different. A complete re-jointing is, however, usually unavoidable in the case of severely damaged joints.

The old joints are cut out, even if their function is already impaired. After that, completely new joints are used. The costs are - depending on the required effort quite different. They are usually between 20 and 40 EUR per m².

Renovation work on the clinker bricks

The exchange of individual stones is usually quite inexpensive possible. Nevertheless, you should not do it yourself, because the individual stones have to be used properly again. The costs for clinker bricks are usually in the range of about 0.50 EUR, so that the material costs remain negligible here.

Renovation at Riemchen

Clinker straps are only glued to the house facade with tile adhesive. The replacement of individual straps, which are damaged, or the Neuverfugen can be done without any problems even without great expense - so it should be necessary. As a rule, this only happens very rarely.

Tips & Tricks

If you have any doubts as to whether your clinker façade may have any real damage, have the façade inspected by a specialist. Many damages can not be recognized as a layman (such as damage to the statics) or misjudged them. Early detection of incipient damage also dramatically reduces the cost of remediation and effectively prevents later, costly damage.

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