Replace clinker - you must pay attention to this

Weathering damage to masonry - even on very durable brickwork - can not always be ruled out. Over time, various damages occur. What you should consider when you want to replace damaged stones, read in this post.

Important for the exchange

Basically, you should note some important points when it comes to the planned replacement of clinker bricks:

  • Recognize the cause of the damage and rectify it beforehand
  • color impact
  • Check statics
  • wall in properly and professionally
  • Renovate joints

Recognize the cause of the damage and rectify it beforehand

First, it is important to determine the cause of damage to a brick stone. There are very different causes for this:

  • ordinary weathering
  • Frost damage (blasting, etc.)
  • Hairline cracks, fractures, etc.
  • flaked stone flanks by shrinkage of the joint
  • Damage to the stone due to damaged joints
  • Damage to the stone due to static problems
  • Damage to the stone due to running water
  • Damage to the stone caused by work on the masonry (such as dowels)

Replace clinker - you must pay attention to this: this

Depending on the extent of the damage to one or more stones, one can then decide whether the stone must be replaced or not. For hairline cracks that do not go more than 0.2 mm into the stone, a hydrophobization may still be a remedy - for deeper damage or so-called "critical" (for the stability) stones, an exchange must be made necessarily.

color impact

The stones that are used must have the same so-called color impact as the original stones. This is not always easy, as the weathering of the old stones has changed the look slightly, and the newly used clinker brick inevitably stands out. Experts can also make adjustments quite inconspicuous.

Check statics

When refurbishing a brick wall, great attention must always be paid to the statics. At certain points, the clinker bricks must be undamaged and highly resilient.

Conversely, certain damage to stones is always a sign that the statics of a brick wall is no longer in order. The layman usually does not notice this, but the skilled person is well.

Wall correctly and professionally

You can not simply pry out clinker bricks and use a new stone. For the refurbishment of a brick wall is always a specialist necessary, the stones must necessarily be professionally walled. The statics of the wall must also be considered.

Renovate joints

The importance of dwindling, sanding or weathered joints for the stability of brick walls is often underestimated. If stones have to be replaced already, you should always look at the joints and rehabilitate them thoroughly.

Tips & Tricks

Clinker walls and masonry are usually very durable - they can be up to 100 years old. A professional renovation is therefore worthwhile as good as ever.

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