Convert the wardrobe to an animal cage

A cupboard can be converted into various things: Cabinets like to be rebuilt into cages for animals. Especially for ferrets offers the large living room. We explain what you should look out for when rebuilding.

Pollutant-free material

If you want to convert a cabinet into an animal cage, you should make sure that it contains as few pollutants as possible. If you buy extra closets for your pet, you should simply choose an untreated wood. To protect the wood from urine and other things, you can lay out the shelves with foil or treat the wood with organic products.

door texture

So that your darling has as much light as possible and you can observe him in his apartment, you should choose a cabinet in which a part of the door can be easily cut out. This is e.g. in the case of doors, which are divided into several layers or even a part of the door is covered with Plexiglas. You can then remove this part at home and install chicken wire in its place.

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