Install a lock cylinder

Although the installation of a lock cylinder is a typical home improvement work, but also a not quite commonplace. So that the installation of the lock cylinder works smoothly in each case, we have put together a detailed instruction for the installation of a lock cylinder below.

These lock cylinders can be removed

If you want to install a lock cylinder, this is usually a cylinder of the following types.

  • Pen or mortise lock
  • cylinder lock

Pen and cylinder locks

However, many conventional pin locks look like conventional cylinder locks. Since they are also much safer, their prevalence is now expected to be higher than that of conventional cylinder locks.


In contrast, the mortise lock can be easily recognized by the missing points on the key bit. Instead, it has different sized Bohrsenklöcher (wells), which position the pins of the lock exactly. As a result, the mortise lock, which is one of the pin locks, is usually designed as a security lock.

Beware of locking systems

In contrast, the pin lock can be designed as a conventional lock cylinder as well as a security lock. They recognize the property as a security lock if the associated keys are integrated into a locking system and open further locks.

  • House and entrance door
  • apartment door
  • underground car park
  • Basement and storage access
  • garbage house

So, before you install a new lock cylinder, remember that you can not easily replace parts of a locking system. You have to contact the caretaker or the property manager. However, if you have installed a conventional lock on your doorstep, you must cancel the previous lock in any case.

In case you have changed a locking system lock

If you move out of the apartment and can not prove the lock cylinder with all handed keys, it may happen that you have to pay for the costs of a complete replacement of all lock cylinders and keys of this locking system.

Step-by-step instructions for removing and replacing a lock cylinder

  • new lock cylinder with all keys
  • old lock cylinder with at least one key
  • Rust remover, creeping oil
  • Vernier caliper or measuring gauge for locking cylinder (angle with measuring scale)
  • little hammer
  • screwdriver

1. Preparatory work

Before you remove the old lock cylinder, you should have already got the new cylinder. Therefore, you must first take the dimensions of the old lock cylinder.

When you open the door, below (maybe 1, 2 cm) of the lock cylinder you will see a countersunk screw. This fixes the lock cylinder in the door. At the same time, it is the landmark for the correct measurement of the lock cylinder.

To do this, measure the distance from the center of the screw to one, and then to the other half of the lock cylinder. You have to measure this way because both sides can be different lengths.

In addition, if the cylinder does not close flush with the door fitting (is clearly over or sunk), measure the distance from the outside of the fitting to the opposite door fitting. Based on this data, the specialist retailer will search for the right lock for you.

2. Spray the lock cylinder with rust remover

Lock cylinders often stay in a door for decades. In addition, they are usually installed in entrance areas that go outdoors. So also wind and rain have influence. Therefore, you should strongly spray the key slots with rust remover and let it work for long enough.

3. Remove the old lock cylinder

If you let the rust remover work long enough, you can still loosen the screw. If not, make a few subtle strokes over the screwdriver on the screw. Unscrewing may take a while as it is a fine thread screw.

Now put the key in the door lock and turn it to 1:00 or 11:00 (depending on whether inside or outside). This will bring the driver inside a flush with the door lock.

If the key is removed, the driver is slightly offset so that the lock can not be removed by unauthorized persons. After you have positioned the driver correctly, you can remove the lock cylinder.

4. Install the new lock cylinder

Now you can install the new lock cylinder already. To do this, proceed as for removal, just in reverse order.

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