Sewing clothes yourself: sewing, designing and repairing clothes

Sewing clothes yourself: sewing, designing and repairing clothes: yourself

Sewing instructions and patterns

Bags are among the most important accessories in the wardrobe of many ladies. So it is not surprising that there is the right model for every occasion. Who puts value on an individual bag, sews it without further ado. You can also sew your own clothes with a little skill or repair broken parts on new shoes. How to do that is shown by the various sewing instructions, patterns and crafting instructions that we have collected on these pages.

In the section "Sewing clothes yourself" you will find:

  • Make shoes yourself
  • Shoe repair
  • Make bags yourself

Sewing clothes yourself: sewing, designing and repairing clothes: instructions

Make bags yourself

Handbags are considered one of the most popular accessories for women. But also mobile phone and laptop bags accompany many people in everyday life and protect the devices from scratches. With these collected instructions you can sew, knit or make individual bags yourself. Make bags yourself

Make jewelry

A beautiful necklace and matching earrings will spice up any outfit. Even more beautiful, however, is homemade jewelry, where you can let your creativity run wild. Whether necklaces, bracelets or rings: With a little tact and the right materials you will soon wear your own jewelry. We have collected various instructions in this collection for you: Making jewelry

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Costumes: make carnival costumes yourself

Anyone who wants to attract attention to carnival with a self-made costume or is still looking for an idea for last-minute disguises, will find here various patterns and craft instructions for self-designed carnival costumes, masks and carnival decorations. Costumes: make carnival costumes yourself

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Make shoes yourself

Should you also be among the people who have a small fortune in the shoe closet, because every outfit has a different pair of shoes? Then create your own shoes or redesign old pieces. Matching instructions are available in this collection. Make shoes yourself

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Shoe repair

Due to the constant load shoes have broken points after some time. But a loosened sole does not mean that the pair needs to be disposed of. These collected instructions explain how to repair shoes. Shoe repair: repair, scour and glue shoes

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With the help of various handicraft techniques, such as knitting or crocheting, you can make your own clothes, accessories and decoration according to your personal taste. Anyone interested in handicrafts can access a collection of free tutorials and tutorials. handicrafts

Sewing instructions and patterns for clothing

Wrap skirt [PDF]

Sewing instructions for a summer wrap skirt made of thin fabric as PDF to download

Recycled t-shirt

So in a few minutes you can make a new fringe scarf out of an old T-shirt or shirt

Jersey dress with round neck collar & long sleeves

Detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures and PDF to sew a long dress

Sew skirt

So you sew a knee-length skirt with folds - Illustrated sewing instructions as PDF

Winding reversible skirt Midsommar - sewing instructions

With this detailed and illustrated sewing instructions as well as the sewing pattern you sew a winding reversible skirt with or without a bag step by step
at Verplüscht and Zuääht

How do I sew a skirt?

In a short time beginners sew a skirt of stretchy fabric
at Pech & Schwefel

Colorful dress for toddler (6-12 months)

With this pattern and the instructions, you can sew a colorful dress for toddlers aged 6 to 12 months
at smashed peas and carrots

Stretch Knit Pregnancy Band Tutorial

Detailed sewing instructions in single steps for a belly band during pregnancy
at smashed peas and carrots

Sew T-shirt

How to sew a new T-shirt without pattern - Detailed instructions with pictures
at Handmade Kultur

Sequins Star Shirt

Instructions for sewing a self-made sequin star and attach to a shirt
at Handmade Kultur

Sewing pattern for vest

Pattern and instructions for a vest in sizes S, M and L
at Verflixt and sewn

Basic shirt for women

How to sew a women's shirt yourself - Detailed sewing instructions and patterns for printing out the sizes S, M and L.
at Verflixt & Zugenäht

Sew wellness pants yourself

Sewing instructions and patterns for a wellness pants or long sports pants for women
at Verflixt & Zugenäht

Oversize shirt pattern

Sewing pattern and sewing instructions for an oversize shirt in sizes S / M / L / XL
at Verflixt & Zugenäht

Baby Shoes

Sew shoes for the baby made of felt itself. - A detailed guide
at wawerkoSprache: German

Further sewing instructions for beginners and advanced

Sew book cover

With this simple sewing instruction even beginners sew a fancy cover for diaries and notebooks or folders of different fabrics.

Sewing school bag with butterflies

Sew a unique school bag made of colorful fabrics for girls or boys. Illustrated sewing instructions for a fabric school bag with butterflies - with ideas for boys' school bags.

Round patchwork pillow for beginners

Illustrated guide to sewing a patchwork pillow
at Funkelfaden

Sewing instructions for sliding curtains

With this manual as a PDF, you can sew sliding curtains yourself

Sew pillow cover yourself

Sewing tips for homemade pillowcases
at Brigitte Community

E-book with sewing instructions for hobbyhorse

Sewing instructions for a hobby horse as a free e-book for download. Detailed, illustrated instructions with pattern. Very lovingly designed!
by Ms. Scheiner

Sew on a knitcloth for baby

Detailed sewing instructions for a cuddly knit cloth in a patchwork pattern for babies

Sew on frog cuddle cloth

To make a cuddly blanket in the form of a frog - a step-by-step sewing instruction

Sew pillow case

Simple instructions for sewing a pillowcase with zipper as PDF for download
at Living at home

picnic blanket

Sewing blanket with ribbons on the corners yourself - Instructions as PDF for download
at Living at home

Sew book cover

Simple guide to sewing a fabric cover for books.

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