Turbid water in the aquarium - 5 solutions

The water in the aquarium is cloudy and unhealthy? This can happen once in every aquarium, it is important first to find the cause. You already get a hint when you look at the color of the water. Here we show you what steps to take depending on the color of your water.

Causes of cloudy aquarium water:

  • too many fish
  • too much food
  • Filter too weak
  • Wooden decoration in the aquarium

Greenish aquarium water

Floating algae are usually to blame for in green water. Maybe too many fish are being kept too small? However, it may also be that the fish can not use the food, so too much is fed.

A large water change can help in addition to a significantly reduced feeding. Often, the problem occurs especially in aquariums without natural plants. The plants use part of the fertilizer for their development, which otherwise develops into algae.

Milky white water

Especially at the beginning, when the aquarium has been refilled, this turbidity can occur. The first bacteria that are wanted, start with their work. Since they multiply extremely in the beginning, the oxygen in the water is consumed, which causes the milky cloudiness.

Two solutions against milky water

There are two different solutions, depending on whether there are already fish in the tank. Without fish, it is beneficial to simply wait for this natural process, as it is often part of pelvic retraction.

But if fish are already in the pool, they naturally need oxygen much more urgently. So a big change of water helps, maybe in combination with an additional soda machine. This not only makes nice bubbles, but brings in the first place much oxygen in the water.

Moderate water with recognizable particles

If you can detect the particles floating in the water, you should aspirate the mud and make a water change. However, in this case, only about 20 percent should be changed, but for two to three days in a row.

The most important point is the pump with its filter medium. There's going to be a lot of mud out there. Subsequently, new filter media can be used.

Brownish water color

The brownish color is usually harmless and arises basically by inlaid wood decoration or the roots of certain plants. Fish feel even better in this water. However, if you do not want this humic acid in your pelvis, you just have to remove the polluters.

5 solutions against water turbidity

  • Suction off mud
  • Set the filter more strongly
  • Change or clean the filter medium
  • big water change up to about 80 percent
  • use additional water bubblers

Tips & Tricks

There is one last remedy to get the water straight again and this is the chemical water clarifier that is available on the market. However, you should really use this only in an emergency and rather sparingly. Better are always the natural solutions described above. The clarifier brings no natural balance and it must be readjusted again and again.

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