To properly cultivate carnations as a houseplant

The Zeus flower - beauty and fragrance also enjoy indoors

To properly cultivate carnations as a houseplant: carnations

As cut, ornamental and garden plants the carnations, also called Dianthus, are very popular. In addition to roses, lilies and tulips, these plants are among the ten best selling cut flowers in the international flower trade.

In addition to its ornament, the carnation also has an important meaning for humans. It is used as a spice and as a medicinal plant:

In medicine, it is used to promote digestion, against tooth discomfort and as a liniment - as a spice, the special aroma is usually known by gingerbread and red cabbage.

The clove is however a special kind and botanically does not belong to this plant genusbecause it grows on the tropical clove tree, which is about 10 m high. Cloves, on the other hand, are predominantly found in Europe.

Below you will find useful tips for carnation as a cut flower.

Ideal location for carnations in the living area

Cloves are generally rather undemanding plants, which develop many flowers in the ideal location.

The perennial ornamental plants prefer one calcareous soil in temperate sunlight, In addition to light and heat, they still need enough air.

Cloves need a lot of space in the ground. Therefore you should not close them in the flowerbed, but in one Distance of 20-25 cm sow.

Only one plant should be kept in the pot so that the roots do not suffer from competitive pressure.

Cultivate carnations as a potted plant

To properly cultivate carnations as a houseplant: houseplant

Cloves form colorful flowers.

Cloves are pretty easy to care for as flowering ornamental plants. they demand not much waterbut prefer rather dry substrate.

In extreme drought, the earth can be supplied with some water in the morning. Please avoid watering the petals, because even through the glass of the windows, the flowers can be damaged.

Generally, that applies Waterlogged, soil and humidity of the carnation did not get, They promote a fouling of the roots and favor an infestation with fungal spores and pathogens that can also stay in the apartment - fungal spores spread about the air and enter through open windows or balcony doors into the living area.

On wet leaves, the spores stick and eventually infest the entire plant.

So always give one to potted plants Drainage layer of expanded clay, small pebbles or crushed potsherds in the lower area of ​​the substrate to promote a healthy drainage. In addition, the plant should not stand on a water-filled coaster.

Cloves as cut flowers

To properly cultivate carnations as a houseplant: properly

Pink carnations stand for true love.

Carnations, with their shapely and colorful flowers, are particularly suitable for stylish floral arrangements.

The plants should be chosen according to their importance: yellow carnations stand for contempt, while white specimens emphasize the close friendship. An intimate love symbolisiseren pink carnations and red flowers underpin the lived eroticism.

It is therefore particularly important to be aware of different color meanings before the carnation purchase.

by the way: Not only visually knows the carnation to convince as a cut flower. It also gives off an intense but pleasant scent to its surroundings, which brings the summery nature into its own four walls.

Plant cloves in the garden and care for them

Cloves are not only in the pot extremely pretty to look at, even in the flowerbed the undemanding ornamental flowers thrive well. What you should pay attention to when planting and cultivating the carnation outdoors, you will find in our article on the care of carnations in the garden.

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