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  • Carbon monoxide is odorless, does not taste and is also not recognizable in color. It is created during combustion processes and can be difficult to poison or kill if the oxygen concentration in the room is too low. You can not notice that as a human being.
  • A CO detector detects this invisible danger and alarms early. So you escape a carbon monoxide poisoning. Ideally, a CO detector has a display that always shows the CO value in the air.
  • Also pay attention to the longevity of the batteries. If not already included, it makes sense to purchase good batteries, so that years of complete security is guaranteed.

CO detector comparison 2018: 2018

At the end of January 2017, when the German media reported that six teenagers had been found dead in a garden shed, all eyes were fixed on the small town of Arnstein (Bavaria). After a violent crime could be ruled out directly, moved quickly with a gasoline-powered generator in the focus of the investigators. A few days later the sad certainty: The young people all died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

This gas is so treacherous that several manufacturers have specifically developed CO detectors that warn against it. How to work and which criteria and categories you should look for in the search for your personal CO detector test winner, we explain in the following guide.

  • For comparison, the gas detector
  • For comparison, the smoke detector
  • For comparison of respirators

1. Why is carbon monoxide so dangerous?

Avoidable source of danger

An often mentioned warning is that you should not grill in the apartmentif you use a charcoal grill for it. The Stiftung Warentest, which also carried out a CO detector test itself, warns in its issue 11/2013 that even opened windows and doors are insufficient to sufficiently reduce the amount of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a gas produced during the combustion process. It has no odor or taste - that's what makes it so dangerous, Many people do not notice the danger they are in, that is, or only when it is almost too late.

The environment becomes a life threatening hazard if there is not enough oxygen in the room to mix the CO gas. If you breathe in a larger amount of the gas,It blocks the oxygen transport in the blood in the human circulation, Depending on the duration, this can lead to mild, moderate or severe poisoning, including suffocation.

A CO detector helps to avoid such dangerous situations by emitting a high-pitched warning tone as soon as the carbon monoxide concentration in the air exceeds a certain level.

2. This is how a carbon monoxide alarm works

CO detector comparison 2018: detector

In rooms with a fireplace or stove, a CO detector is highly recommended.

The pollutant load by carbon monoxide in the atmosphere of Germany has rapidly decreased between 1990 and 2013 and in 2013 was only about 2.3 million tons, which were produced by different combustion processes (Source: Umweltbundesamt).

The still high level of danger, which makes CO gas an almost imperceptible killer, are closed spaces, In such environments, a CO sensor is potentially life-saving, because unlike the human sensory organs, such a carbon monoxide meter can detect the danger early.

The carbon monoxide detector continuously scans the air for its CO concentration by means of its electrochemical sensors, which immediately sound the alarm when a certain threshold is reached or exceeded, This is based on the EU standard EN 50291. Depending on the make and manufacturer, there are also types that already trigger an optical warning light when the CO content approaches this value.

Pay attention to the breeze: If you fire a wood stove or stove in the house, they are dependent on air for burning. These draw them out of the room and thus create a negative pressure. This increases even more, if by the way other devices are active, which draw a lot of oxygen, such as a ventilation system or an extractor hood, Then it can happen that the air flow in the fireplace reverses and pushes down. As a result, the poisonous CO gas flows into the room. Therefore, you should avoid the simultaneous operation if possible.

3. Functions and Assembly - Purchase advice for CO detectors

Before you buy a CO detector, the requirements that you make of the device should be clearly defined. We help you with the purchase and your following, own CO detector test with the orientation.

3.1. ease of use

CO detector comparison 2018: 2018

A display and a self-test button are important functions.

The best co-detectors have one digital display that shows you at any time the value of the CO content in the room currently, Ideally this is "0", of course. If it is self-luminous, you can also read from a distance or in low light conditions quickly, as it is ordered for your safety.

In addition, the already mentioned pre-alarm is an important feature that strikes even at low concentrations and gives you the opportunity to leave the room in time. A self-test button also helps to make sure the CO detector is still working properly.

3.2. Assembly

The CO detector installation should be as simple as possiblebecause not every user is a gifted craftsman. If you can attach the CO detector by simply connecting magnetic parts together, that would be the simplest option.

Otherwise, the assembly by means of a few dowels is not Herculean task, but should be made especially if the CO detector is to remain permanently in the position.

3.3. durability

CO detector comparison 2018: comparison

Good batteries ensure years of operational readiness of the CO detector.

The life of the batteries or rechargeable batteries is another criterion of importance. Often the batteries are already included and are partly already installed in the carbon monoxide Warner, Some lithium batteries can then not be easily extended.

However, with some cheap CO detectors, this can also cause the batteries to have already discharged, so you should check them for battery status before installation.

Some models in our CO detector comparison have their own battery level indicator, So you always know when you need to replace the batteries.

If you have to take care of the batteries yourself, pay attention to particularly durable modelsThis saves more money than a regular exchange.

4. Other detector types for the interior

In addition to the fire gas detector presented here, there are other types of detectors that can warn against harmful components in the airbefore you are in danger.

Detector typedescription
smoke detector

CO detector comparison 2018: 2018

Smoke detectors already have a duty in some German states, There are two variants of them. One focuses on soot particles floating in the air, which it detects thanks to its infrared sensors. If the particles get between two built-in light diodes and break the light there, the alarm is triggered.

Thermal fire detectors, on the other hand, focus on the rising temperature in the room. They are not suitable for the protection of sleeping people, because the smoke can penetrate well into the room and the respiratory tract of the inhabitants well before the temperature has risen through a smoke causing the smoke. Important to know: No smoke detector can register carbon monoxide.

gas detector

CO detector comparison 2018: 2018

The gas detector is based on the "hot wire" principle. He constantly heats a metal wire and makes it glow. If gas now bubbles through the room, it ignites on the wire, which is located in a small "test chamber" in the gas detector, The electrical voltage and the pressure in the chamber changes due to the small reaction and triggers the alarm.

Depending on the type of gas, you must install the gas detector at different heights so that it can also detect the gas particles. This has to do with the weight of the gas. The molecules of butane or propane weigh more than those of methane or carbon monoxide. Depending on which types of gas you use in the home, several gas detectors make sense. Pure carbon monoxide alarms are still preferable to a normal gas detector.

Caution or forbearance? There is currently no obligation for CO detectors, but given the About 370 deaths happen in Germany every year due to CO poisoning (Source: Deutsches Ärzteblatt), the investment is in your best interest.

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