Drain coated wood: instructions in 5 steps

Wooden furniture, handrails, staircases and wainscoting with oil-based paints can be exposed to the woodiness and thus get a whole new look. Wood coated with oil varnishes, oil paints and alkyd resin paints can either be treated with hot air or leached away, whereby hot air causes the risk of burns on the wood, resulting in dark spots. Leaching is again a chemical process that requires important safety precautions.

Leaching of wood only with mouth and eye protection

Use alkaline paint removers, so-called leachers, only with good ventilation and with the appropriate protective devices. Wear alkali-proof gloves, protective goggles and appropriate respiratory protection.

This ensures that you do not inhale toxic substances and that you do not get lye-contaminated particles into your eye. Also, do not keep children close to them so they will not be harmed.

Drain wood: That's how it works!

  • Ablauger
  • bucket of water
  • Plastic brush
  • Spatula / piercing iron
  • Wurzelbürste
  • sponge

1. Edit sample surface

First try out your paint remover on a hidden test site. Allow the substance to work well and check that the coating actually dissolves. Also pay attention to possible discolouration of the wood.

2. Apply leachate

Apply the paint remover with the brush on the entire surface and wait for the contact time specified in the instructions for use.

3. Wash off the leachate and paint

Now use a lot of water and a root brush to wash off the leachate together with the dissolved paint layer. Puddles are quickly absorbed with the sponge, with slightly stronger sticking color islands, you can use a spatula or a chisel.

4. If necessary, drain off a second time

If paint residues still remain, then leach the surface off again. You can also apply the substance only selectively, so that as few harmful emissions as possible and the wood is not further attacked.

5. Dry wood again

After thoroughly washing and cleaning the wood, allow the material to dry for a long time. This can take a few days to weeks, because water penetrates into the wood interior. Only then is a new coating possible.

Tips & Tricks

Do not use leachers with acrylic or emulsion paints; these must be removed with solvent-based paint removers containing, for example, dichloromethane or methanol.

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