Fight cockroaches - you can do that

Cockroaches are a plague that you do not get rid of so quickly. The very unappetizing roommates in the kitchen can be extremely persistent. What you can do to put an end to the plague is described in detail in this article.

Cockroach species

Cockroach is not cockroach. The following types are mainly distributed among us:

  • the German cockroach
  • the cockroach
  • the wood cockroach, which looks very similar to the German cockroach

There are minor differences between the different types of cockroaches, especially in their color and size. Cockroaches become significantly larger than the other two species, they can be up to 3 inches long. The German cockroach and the wood cockroach are each only half as big.

Preferences of all cockroaches

All cockroaches have certain preferences. Such conditions may make infestation more likely. In general, these are:

  • warm rooms
  • Rooms with high to very high humidity
  • Rooms with food lying exposed or a larger amount of food leftovers (crumbs, badly washed dishes, etc.)

If these conditions come together, a paradise for cockroaches will emerge in which they will nest quickly. Cleanliness is therefore already the top priority to prevent cockroach infestation.

Recognize cockroach infestation

A minor infestation can not be detected immediately. Cockroaches are mostly active at night. You can not see them right away and can hardly recognize them in the dark because of their high speed. If you see cockroaches during the day, that is a sign that it is an already very massive infestation.

Combating cockroaches

For cockroach control, there are various means in large numbers, but they have different effects. Best known are

  • cockroaches traps
  • Saddle Bengel
  • Bait boxes for cockroaches

In addition, however, many other means are used by professional cockroaches, some of which are significantly more effective. These include hormonal agents that make cockroaches incapable of reproduction or certain gases that are very effective but not safe to use.

In recent years, the fight with gas is used less and less, since the health threat is considered to be hardly justifiable. The gels for cockroaches, which are also available to private individuals, are harmless.

The bait boxes are generally the most effective as they contain a very powerful poison which kills cockroaches in very small quantities.

Tips & Tricks

A very old home remedy for cockroaches is Borax, which can be very effective. However, it is hard to get today. In pharmacies, it is usually still available.

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