Cockroaches: Remove the plaster with the scraper attachment

Sharp tool for cleaning surfaces

Cockroaches: Remove the plaster with the scraper attachment: scraper

The Bosch PMF 250 CES comes with a rich tool arsenal therefore. For home improvement, the scraper is a versatile tool. It is suitable both for removing plaster, as in our example, as well as to remove paint, especially in thick, old layers of paint. For scrapers, the scraper is particularly interesting: The attachment can be used to remove old, tough underbody protection. Even with old tile adhesive, the scraper is best suited to create a clean and smooth tile surface.

Remove plaster in the oscillating way

Cockroaches: Remove the plaster with the scraper attachment: plaster

Can remove plaster for home improvement very, very laborious his. If it is not, as in our case, a small patch of plaster on an old brick, the work with a chisel and hammer quickly becomes a sweaty and, above all, not particularly thorough matter.

At level 6, the Bosch multitool achieves a vibration rate of 12 m / s² and emits 140 watts of power, the idling speed is thereby dizzying 20,000 rpm. The home improvement expresses this power delivery in a noticeable, but not unpleasant vibration of the device. The Schabaufsatz oscillates back and forth so fast that the eye hardly perceives this movement.

Once attached, the scraper develops an amazing power: The chunks of plaster fly to the side, the once homogeneous spots are almost broken open by the extremely fast swinging scraper blade. The video shows the performance.

Handling and result

The handling of the Bosch multitool when scraping convinced: The powerful oscillation movement of the device is only moderately transmitted to the user's hand. Except for concrete residues, the scraping attachment was no nakedness, tile adhesive or paint layers are no problem as dried plaster.

Another positive note is that the formation of dust is limited held. This is due to the working principle of the device: unlike in radial or linear machines operating the dust is not accelerated in one direction and flies away; Rather, it remains relatively evenly next to the scraper or at least not so far thrown away.

Conclusion to the section cockroaches

The Bosch PMF 250 CES do the scraper job easily and quickly. The tool fits well in the hand, the dust is moderate. For smaller and larger renovations, where scraps are incurred, the device is absolutely suitable.

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