Coffee machine does not draw water: why is it?

If your coffee machine does not draw water, it can be for a variety of reasons. In the following, we explain three possible causes and the respective solution options.

Coffee maker calcified

Have you no longer decalcified your coffee machine? Then that could be the reason for your problem: lime settles in the tubing over time, making the passage narrower and narrower. Finally, this leads to a total blockage, so that no more water passes through. Fortunately, the problem can easily be solved manually by decalcifying and cleaning the hoses. How to decalcify your coffee machine is explained step by step in this manual.

Milk instead of water in the water tank

Did you accidentally put milk in the water tank instead of water? This also leads to a blockage of the tubes. But again, the solution is the same as above: descaling and cleaning. The manual cleaning of the water hoses works like the milk hose. All you need is a special cleaning brush. As you proceed then, read here.

Hose slipped

Maybe the hose, which removes the water from the water tank, has slipped or even broken. To correct this problem, you should unscrew your coffee maker until you reach that hose. Be sure to disconnect your coffee machine from the power supply!

Tips & Tricks

If none of the three causes above are true, the problem may be more serious. It could e.g. also on the water pump. In this case, you should then hire a specialist with the repair.

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