Coffee Maker: Tips & Tricks for brewing coffee

Coffee cooking is an art and yet very simple. There are many different ways to brew an aromatic coffee. What you should generally look for in order to make a delicious, aromatic coffee is explained below

How much coffee powder?

How much coffee powder you use for which brewing variant is mainly up to your taste. In general, you can usually go from one (weak coffee) to two (stronger coffee) teaspoons per cup (150ml). Find out how to measure the right amount of coffee powder for a filter coffee machine here.

The right degree of grinding

For the perfect coffee aroma, not only the amount of coffee powder is crucial, but also the correct grind of the coffee beans: While for an espresso machine or a Turkish coffee very finely ground coffee powder is used (Mahlgrad 1 - 3), is for the espresso or the porcelain filter medium grind best (4 to 6) and for French Press even a coarse grind (7 to 8). The decisive factor here is how long the water comes into contact with the coffee powder. The longer, the coarser the coffee should be ground.

Clean the coffee machine

Whether you have an espresso pot, a filter coffee machine or a French Press, a coffee machine to squeeze - be sparing with Fit and other cleaning products. Chemical smells like to settle down and fine coffee palates notice a change in taste. Rinse your coffee utensils with warm, clear water after every use and avoid spicy cleaning products. An exception is the glass jug in the filter coffee machine: Glass does not absorb odors, so if it is really dirty, you can easily get to washing-up liquid.

Decalcify regularly

To prevent your machine from clogging, it is important to descale it regularly. Depending on the hardness of the water, this can be useful every few months or only once a year. How to decalcify your coffee machine step by step, we explain here.

Preheat cups and jug

This is done automatically for both a filter coffee machine and an espresso machine: the cans or cups are preheated. Incidentally, this is the reason why the cups are piled up on the machines of an espresso machine: the cups are so warmed up by the waste heat from the espresso machine. In the filter coffee maker, the jug is preheated by the hot plate. This has the advantage that the hot coffee does not lose its temperature when placed in the cup or jug. Also, a warm cup to help ensure that the coffee can develop its aroma properly. Try it out!

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