Forgot to turn off coffee machine?

Maybe you know this situation: you forgot to turn off your coffee machine. Hours later you come home and... the rest of the coffee is a little burnt in the pot, but otherwise nothing happened. Matter of luck? What can happen if you forget to turn off the coffee machine?

What can happen if you forget to turn off the coffee machine?

Maybe you've already experienced or heard from others that nothing happens when you forget to turn off the filter coffee maker. But that does not have to be that way. Finally, a lot of heat is released here and this can lead to serious damage. These include:

  • The remaining coffee in the pot will evaporate and burn in the bottom of the can.
  • The coffee pot can burst and / or leaking.
  • The areas of plastic around the hotplate can melt.
  • Objects that are in the immediate vicinity of the coffee machine can catch fire due to the strong heat and thus, in the worst case, it can cause a fire.

What to do if you forgot to turn off the coffee maker?

The safest thing to do after you forget to turn off your coffee machine is to have it checked by a specialist. If you can do that yourself, or you are certain that nothing has happened to the coffee maker, at least you should do a little investigation yourself, as described below.

1. Clean the jug

Surely the pot is a bit burnt. Let it cool (!) And then clean it thoroughly. First, let the burned-in effect with a little warm water and then scrub the pot with a metal sponge.

2. Check the coffee machine

Then check the heating plate and adjacent areas. Are plastic parts melted? If so, you should dispose of your coffee machine.

Everything seems fine here, check the inner workings. Does everything look normal? Fill the water tank with water to make sure the coffee maker has not leaked.

3. Test run

Then do a test run, with or without coffee. Be sure to keep an eye on your coffee maker and immediately unplug if you notice something unusual!

Tips & Tricks

If you're at work and you remember that you forgot to turn off the coffee machine at home, go back! Imagine, your house goes up in flames just because you did not feel like going back. Do not take this risk!

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