Leaky coffee maker - What is it?

If there is water in your coffee machine that should not leak water, you should urgently do something about it. We explain why it may be that your coffee machine is leaking and what you should do in this case.

Why is it that the coffee maker is leaking?

A drop of the coffee machine can have several causes:

  • If it drips directly from the water tank, a real leak can be the problem: There may have been overheating, so that plastic parts have melted and so a hole was burned. If this is the case, the machine drips as soon as water is filled into the tank (in the case of a filter coffee machine) or even when it is not in operation.
  • The main cause of a leaking coffee maker is a calcification of the lines: This problem is usually accompanied by a delayed duration of coffee preparation and occurs only when the coffee machine is turned on. In this case, a descaling of the coffee maker can eliminate the drop.
  • Furthermore, it is possible that a hose has dissolved easily, so that a part of the water runs next to it. Again, the phenomenon should only appear when the machine is in operation and the preparation time should be unusually long.
  • If the coffee machine is already older, a broken, leaky hose may be responsible for the drop.

What to do if the coffee maker is leaking?

The safest and best measure when your coffee machine drips is to hire a specialist to repair. This is especially advisable when it comes to a modern, complex coffee maker. However, if you want to try to solve the problem yourself, you can do the following:

1. find a leak

The important thing is to find out where the leak is so that you can take the appropriate action. To do this, disconnect the coffee machine from the electricity and unscrew the back panel and remove it. In the case of a filter machine, only remove the flap of the water tank. Check all hoses and their connections.

2. Pin the hoses

If necessary, try to push the hoses more firmly onto the connectors. If a hose is cracked or loose and can not be fixed, it must be a new hose.

Tips & Tricks

The hoses look okay and you can not detect any leak? Then you can still try to descale your coffee maker.
If that does not help, you'll probably have to contact a specialist.

Video Board: Bunn Coffee Maker Leaking FIX