Dispose of coffee pods: organic waste or residual waste?

Do you include coffee pods in organic waste or in residual waste? What should be considered when disposing of waste? Read below how to properly dispose of your coffee pods or even to use the content even more meaningful.

Do coffee pods belong to the compost?

Usually, coffee pods consist of filter paper, coffee powder and any additives that are biodegradable. Therefore, coffee pods can generally be disposed of in organic waste.

Be careful with individually wrapped coffee pods!

A few coffee pod manufacturers pack the pads one at a time to "protect the aroma". It may be that the taste in an airtight single packaging will last longer, but you have so much more waste and compared to the King of Waste, the coffee capsules, little difference. How to conjure up fresh, aromatic coffee with your coffee pod machine, you will find out below in our tip box!

A blessing for the compost

Your compost heap will be particularly happy about the coffee residue: coffee contains phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen, all nutrients that do the compost and the emerging soil good.

Use the coffee residues differently

The mentioned nutrients are also a great fertilizer! Therefore, coffee powder is often mixed into potting soil. This works as follows:

  • Pick up some coffee pods and dry them!
  • Cut the filter and fill the powder into a cup or a jar.
  • Mix half a cup of used, dried coffee powder under the potting soil.
  • Put the enriched soil on your plants or put in seeds or cuttings.

Which coffee pods should not you use as a fertilizer?

If possible, coffee pods with high sugar content and other additives should not be used as fertilizer. Such pads are e.g. Cappuccino pads or chocolate pads. If you dispose of such pads on your compost heap, you should add a little bit of them as the sugar attracts wasps and bees.

Tips & Tricks

A great alternative to the disposable pads are refillable coffee pods. These are not only more environmentally friendly, but also allow the use of freshly ground coffee. Find out how such reusable coffee pods work, what they cost and how you fill them: filling coffee pods yourself.

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