Coffee pods: The ingredients

What is actually in such a coffee pod in it? Have you already asked yourself this question? Find out here which ingredients can be found in a cappuccino or coffee pod and what you should look out for when buying.

What is actually in a coffee pod in it?

Theoretically, a coffee pad consists of filter paper and coffee powder. This is also the case with most brands. Nevertheless, you should play it safe and, as a precaution, look at the list of ingredients - many a manufacturer saves production costs by mixing ingredients such as sugar, flavors or other.

Cappuccino pads and Co.

Cappuccino pads definitely contain additional ingredients such as sugar, milk powder, cocoa powder and more. Nevertheless, you should pay attention here to a high proportion of coffee powder, because in recent years, there have been reports of manufacturers who have reduced the amount of coffee in the pad to save production costs. Instead, e.g. artificial flavors or flavor enhancers used to produce an acceptable flavor. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following when buying coffee-filled special pads:

  • The more coffee powder, the better. The pads should have at least a 50% share.
  • The pads should not have any hardened fats.
  • There should be no artificial flavors added.
  • The fewer additives, the better. A cappuccino pad should contain coffee powder, milk powder, cocoa powder and sugar. Natural flavors are also allowed.

Full control: fill coffee pods yourself

If you want to be on the safe side, you can opt for the eco-friendly version of the reusable pads: These are plastic pads in pad form, which are equipped with a net that you fill with coffee powder. Here you can also make yourself a cappuccino mixture by experimenting with coffee powder, cocoa powder, sugar and milk powder or liquid milk (which you later enter into the cup). Learn more about the pads that you fill yourself.

Tips & Tricks

There are also other cheap ways to make delicious coffee. Here you will get an overview of the various coffee machines and their possibilities and limits as well as costs.

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