Coffee pods vs capsules: A comparison

Are you considering a cheap, easy-to-use, modern coffee machine and can not decide between a coffee pod and a capsule machine? We help you make the decision and compare coffee pods vs capsules.

The comparison factors

In the following we will compare the two types of preparation and coffee machines on different factors. These factors are:

  • acquisition cost
  • Simplicity of operation and care
  • environmental friendliness
  • Cost per cup of coffee

acquisition cost

An important factor in a new acquisition are always the acquisition costs. Here, the two variants do not take much. You get very cheap capsule machines from just 36 €, cheap coffee pad machines also from just under 40 €.

Simplicity in operation and care

Both coffee makers are very easy to use: coffee maker, coffee pod or capsule in the holder, press button and the coffee is ready. The used pad or used capsule automatically fall into a waste container.
Also in terms of care, the two are no match: there is no risk that coffee powder flying around and thus the pollution is low. In addition, no filter must be cleaned, as it is contained in the pad or in the capsule and thus thrown away. The only maintenance measure that both types of coffee machine need now and then is descaling. To prevent limescale deposits in hoses or other parts of the coffee maker, it must be decalcified from time to time. Learn how to descale your Senseo coffee machine, for example.

environmental friendliness

Everyone knows, but many ignore it: The capsule machine makes an incredible amount of garbage. But that's not all: the capsules are made of aluminum, which requires a lot of energy to produce. Capsule machines do so twice as much harm to the environment. Coffee pods, however, are biodegradable and also the production is less expensive.

Cost per cup

A kilo of coffee pods cost with 20 to 30 € already significantly more than a kilo of loose filter coffee, you get in the supermarket for 10 to 15 €. A kilo of coffee in coffee capsules, however, costs up to 60 €! Therefore, the cost per cup in a capsule machine are significantly higher than a pad machine: While a cup of coffee from a capsule machine costs about 35 cents, the average price per cup in the coffee pad machine is about 25 cents.


The coffee pad machine is the clear winner: more environmentally friendly, as easy to use, as well as inexpensive to buy and with less costs per cup. If you want to save even more money, you can even use refillable coffee pods.

Video Board: Aquaspresso Academy: Capsules VS Beans