Remove coffee stains from the wall

When a coffee cup falls down, the splash often lands not only on the floor but also on the wall. This gives ugly spots that, once dried, are difficult to remove. Here's how to remove coffee stains on the wall.

Home remedies for coffee stains on the wallpaper

  • Chlorine-based cleaner for the bathroom
  • shaving cream
  • spirit
  • Bleach or oxy-products

That is to be considered!

Is the wall spotted with coffee stains white? If so, you can easily use chlorinated products for cleaning. However, if the wall is colored, you should first check for color fastness.

Find a spot on the wall that is not normally visible (for example, move a cabinet). Put some of the cleaner of your choice on the wallpaper and let it work for 15 minutes. Then remove it with a damp cloth. Did the wall let paint? If not, you can proceed with stain removal as described in our instructions below.

If you do, you have several options for stain treatment:

  • Look for a stain eraser for stains on the wallpaper in stores
  • Work the stain with water and Fit or detergent. So you may not be able to remove it completely, but maybe it will at least lose color.
  • Cover the stain. What you should pay attention to here.

Instructions for removing coffee stains on the wall

1. Apply detergent

No matter what means you choose, the remedy has to work.
Apply the cleaner, shaving cream, rubbing alcohol or bleach to a cloth and dab it on the coffee stains on the wall.

The stains should be well soaked, but the wallpaper should remain as dry as possible around it to prevent the stain from spreading. For the same reason you should apply the agent dabbing and rub in no case!

Let it work for about 15 minutes.

2. Dab

Dab the stain with another dry cloth until it has disappeared. If necessary you can repeat step 1 again - but not more often so as not to damage the wallpaper.

Tips & Tricks

If the stain can not be removed or your colored wallpaper does not tolerate the cleaners, you can also hide the stain by:

  • Hang a mirror in the place,
  • put a piece of furniture in front of it,
  • stick a wall tattoo over it or
  • Make yourself or your children artistically active and install the stains in a pretty mural.

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