Remove cola spots: That's how it works

Young and old like to drink and often coke. Since it can happen that something on the T-shirt, the car seat or the couch lands. These brown cola patches are annoying, especially if discovered late. But do not panic, Cola licking is usually easy to remove.

Home remedies for cola spots

Against Cola licks several home remedies have been reinforced:

  • Mineral water: carbonic acid against carbon dioxide
  • Shaving Foam: Helps even with dried out stains
  • Carpet Cleaner: Not just for stains on the carpet

The faster the better

As always, the same applies to cola patches: the faster you take action, the easier it is to remove stains. If you soak the T-shirt or whatever is soaked in mineral water immediately after the mishap, staining can be completely avoided.
If you have not been quick to act, here's how to remove dried or dried cola stains from textiles or upholstery:

The combo does it: Remove stubborn cola stains

  • Brush with soft bristles
  • absorbent cloth
  • Mineral water with a lot of carbon dioxide
  • Carpet cleaner or shaving cream

1. Soak the stain

First, pour a generous sip of mineral water on the stain and let it soak for ten to fifteen minutes.

2. Treat stain

Then apply some carpet cleaner or shaving cream on it and use a brush to thoroughly work the remedy.

3. Allow to act

Now let the foam or carpet cleaner act. After about half an hour you can remove the mixture with some mineral water and an absorbent cloth. If the stain has not disappeared, you should repeat the process.

4. Wash out

If the stain is on a garment, you can wash it as usual.

5. Beware of stains in carpet and on upholstery!

For stains on carpet or upholstery, e.g. However, if you are only treating the stain, ugly edges will appear after drying. Therefore, you should clean the surface over a large area. The best would be a thorough cleaning with a steam cleaner. If necessary, it is also sufficient to work the carpet or upholstery to the brim with a little bit of mineral water, a carpet cleaner and a brush and then pick up the liquid with a cloth.

This will also remove any minor stains and refresh the color of your carpet or upholstery!

Tips & Tricks

In an emergency, you can also use special stain removers for cola stains or for bleaching or oxy-products. First check with colored fabrics if they lose their color when treated with these sharp products!