Coldwater fish in the aquarium - an overview

If, instead of tropical fish, you prefer to keep the native species in a pool without heating, you will quickly end up with a cold water aquarium. Again, there are many different types of fish that are not as inconspicuous as you initially suspected. Here we show you matching fish for the cold water aquarium and important facts.

Living rooms and cold water aquarium

Anyone who wants to get cold-water fish in his aquarium to reduce electricity costs is on the wrong track. For a living room, a cold water aquarium is nothing, the water temperatures would quickly become too high to allow these fish a comfortable life.

Hardly a coldwater fish likes temperatures over 20 degrees. At a temperature of 24 degrees it even slowly becomes dangerous. You would have to cool the water so constantly. For a more expensive Durchlauferkühler needed, which consumes quite a lot of electricity.

Costs and labor

After all, the running costs of a cold water aquarium are therefore no less than those of a warm pool. In addition, it causes considerably more work, because often partial water changes must be performed. Especially for beginners the eternal control of the water temperature is annoying and the tropical aquarium therefore even easier to clean.

Coldwater fish - not so unimpressive

Probably the most popular species for a cold water aquarium is the goldfish. This needs a little more space and pollutes the water quite strong, because he has a relatively small stomach. Actually, the ideal fish for a cold water basin are guppies, which are also available in different colors.

Cardinal fish

However, there are many other quite colorful ornamental fish, such as the cardinalfish, for the cold water aquarium. In a small aquarium, the cardinal fish in the swarm with some dwarf shrimp are a very easy to maintain occupation. They have the advantage that they do not get bigger than about five inches.


In addition to the cardinal fish Danios can be kept, they are only about one centimeter larger and can barely reach a size over six centimeters. Just like the cardinal fish, Danios are schooling fish and must always be kept in groups of at least 7 fish. But you need fresh water and small water changes.

Overview of the types of fish

Loaches and perch are in their various species the right inhabitants in the cold water aquarium. However, one must pay attention to the size of the pelvis when purchasing, because many species are quickly too big for a normal aquarium.

  • guppies
  • goldfish
  • Koi
  • minnow
  • catfish
  • loach
  • gudgeon
  • disc perch
  • banded sunfish
  • Dwarf tail perch
  • Big-eared sunfish
  • Banded diamond bass
  • Goldorfe
  • bitterling

Tips & Tricks

A cold-water aquarium needs to be cleaned much more frequently than a tropical aquarium, because of the fast growing fish and the often small stomachs that can not handle the food so well. In addition to a frequent change of water, the filter should be planned larger in a cold water basin.

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