Remove color stains

When painting a few splashes of paint have come to your pants? Or you have painted a picture and accidentally decorated yourself? We explain how to remove fresh or dried paint stains.

Remove fresh stains

As always, the easiest and most promising way to remove stains while they are still fresh is to use stains as well. You can use two different home remedies for this:

  • Sugar solution: Simply mix water and sugar into a thick paste, put on the stain and rub well. Then rinse with plenty of warm water and wash as usual in the washing machine.
  • Olive Soap: A very promising, gentle cleaning method that can be used even on fresh colored stains on delicate fabrics such as silk or wool, is soaping with olive soap. Generously rub in the stain and then rinse. Then in the washing machine with it.

Remove dried-on paint stains

Dried paint stains are a challenge, but not impossible to remove. These agents can remedy stains caused by enamel paint, acrylic paint, wall paint (emulsion paint) or oil paint:

  • hair spray
  • brush cleaner
  • Turpentine (also with oil colors)
  • Salmiakgeist
  • spirit

Colored textiles may respond to treatment with the aforementioned harsh color loss agents. Therefore, first test whether the clothing can handle the mean. To do this, place some of the selected agent on an invisible area on the fabric, let it act for a short time and then rinse it off. Has the fabric left color? If not, you can now safely dedicate yourself to the spot. If you do, you should look for specialist cleaning agents for colored fabrics.

Remove instructions for color staining

  • Brush cleaner, turpentine, ammonia or spirit
  • An absorbent cloth, e.g. from the kitchen roll
  • A dull knife

1. Remove dry paint residues

Scrape off the dried paint residues as much as possible. If necessary, you can use a blunt knife to help. But make sure that you do not hurt the fabric!

2. Treat

Put some turpentine, spirit, ammonia or brush cleaner on a cloth. Dab the stain with it. The paint will start to dissolve through the solvents. Take another cloth and soak up the dissolved paint.

Repeat the procedure until the stain disappears.

3. From the laundry

Then you should wash your clothes to remove the irritating chemicals.

Paint stains on the carpet or upholstered furniture

For color spots on the sofa, car seat, or carpet, follow the steps above (steps 1 and 2). Finally, clean the entire surface with warm water to remove the chemicals and avoid the formation of edges.

Paint stains on wood, plastic, stone and other surfaces

From smooth surfaces, dry paint stains are often easy to scrape off. Use a flat plastic object to avoid scratching the surface. If you can not remove the stains, apply one of the above-mentioned means for dried paint stains to a cotton ball or cloth and wipe off the stain.
Beware of delicate plastic! It could be damaged.

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