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On this page we have put together links to free coloring pages for many different topics. Whether Disney, pirates, flowers or with motifs for holidays: Here is the right template for every taste.

Free picture templates and motifs for printing and coloring

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In our huge and diverse collection of free coloring pages you will find links to different websites - so you have the best pages together and can save yourself the tedious search. We have sorted the coloring pages for festive occasions such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas as well as topical themes such as dragons, football and flowers. In addition, there are many links to window color images for children that can be easily printed and used.

Categories for free coloring pages

  • Coloring Pages for Adults "

    Even older people would like to relax when coloring picture templates. Especially popular are motifs such as mandalas and landscapes. But also flowers and birds offer colorful design possibilities. We've got links to free adult coloring pages
  • Valentine's Day coloring pages "

    In this link collection you will find many inspiring coloring pages about love. Whether as a birthday present or as a surprise for Valentine's Day - a self-painted (painted) picture is welcome. Have fun with the motif search and the subsequent design! Coloring pages for Valentine's Day ->
  • Halloween"

    A large collection of eerily beautiful coloring pages on the theme of Halloween. Free coloring pages with motives of pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, monsters, witches, wizards, black cats and much more.
  • Coloring pages for Christmas "

    Here you can find suitable pictures for Christmas. But links that lead to coloring pages are listed. All pictures can be downloaded, printed and painted for free. The templates range from Santa Claus to Christmas figures to kids playing in the snow. Christmas Templates ->
  • Football coloring pages "

    This collection offers many free coloring pages around the football and the football World Cup as well as European Championship. We also have football mandalas and tips for designing football invitation cards with coloring pages.Football coloring pages ->
  • Hello Kitty "

    Free coloring pages for Hello Kitty fans: countless coloring pages that will convince small and big kids. All pages have been selected manually - all coloring pages of course free of charge.
  • Fairy tales and stories "

    Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel - characters that we know from fairy tales and stories for children. Many well-known and traditional fairy tale characters can be found here as templates for printing and coloring.
  • Easter coloring "

    Coloring pages and coloring pages with Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, chicks and many other motives for Easter are available for free on this page. After downloading the pictures can be painted on the PC or printed out with colorful colors. Easter coloring pages ->
  • Autumn"

    Coloring pages and coloring pages around the theme of autumn: free pictures of scarecrows, autumnal leaves, autumn wreaths, sunflowers and much more. Also well suited for the decoration in the domestic four walls.

Free coloring pages to download and print

[img uuid = "7bb658aa-dab6-465e-85fa-007a221eca84" alt = "] Teddy: Click to enlarge [img uuid =" 7c889c15-f006-408f-b65a-d61eb891340f "] Candy Box: Click to enlarge [img uuid =" 0df453bc-4f61-44e7-80cb-adfb876d689a "alt ="] Hearts: Click to enlarge

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Flowers: Click to enlarge

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Footballer: Click to enlarge

Coloring: pages

Snowman: Click to enlarge

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Princess: Click to enlarge

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Horse: Click to enlarge

Coloring: Click enlarge

Horses: Click to enlarge [img uuid = "0090a963-d0c3-4afe-9f6b-8e42fffe6a17"] Dragon: Click to enlarge [img uuid = "cd7a3e91-1565-40c5-b03c-87cb9afe689b" alt = "] Pirate: Click to enlarge [img uuid = "a0281938-fad7-45bd-a76b-d9742cc5d480"] Ghost: Click to enlarge [img uuid = "fed56c1c-138a-47e2-aea6-d200acf7ddf3" alt = "] Giraffe and hippopotamus: Click to enlarge [img uuid = "3c0b591a-3750-4ff5-89bf-164a1ce4c8e1"] Cat: Click to enlarge [img uuid = "9710b01f-ae85-4534-a181-05d382644169" alt = "] Christmas Cookies: Click to enlarge [img uuid =" b3bf4d0d-a1c0 -45da-90d2-b40fa9356162 "] Easter wreath: Click to enlarge [img uuid =" 5ca2bef4-a182-40e4-a269-40cd0353161f "alt ="] Frog King: Click to enlarge [img uuid = "24f6a82a-904d-4823-9d3e- 071ab8d9b73f "] Dolphin: Click to enlarge

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