Colors for painting clay plaster

You plan to paint your clay plaster, but do not know which colors you use for this? Ecologically valuable building materials should as far as possible be supplemented with equally natural materials.

Which color is suitable for painting clay plaster?

For painting clay plaster, it is best to use diffusible, non-toxic natural colors which are elastic enough to adapt to the swelling and shrinkage of the substrate. Here are the following colors have proven:

  • clay color
  • Loam Plaster
  • Verga wall paint by the company "Kreidezeit"
  • Lime Paint

For uneven surfaces, it is recommended to use filled colors that have a certain grain size to compensate for dents and small holes. This effect is called "sludge effect". On the other hand, you can paint a relatively level clay plaster with unfilled clay paint. If your surface is sanding, prime it with a Kalkkaseinfarbe, which is even quite easy to produce yourself. This fits well with a top coat with marble flour color, which is available in different shades.

Paint clay plaster in the bathroom

Sumpfkalkfarben are particularly suitable for painting clay plaster in damp rooms. The Sumpfkalkfarbe is a mineral color, which offers mushrooms no organic food basis. Yet another feature keeps the mold away: lime paint is alkaline - the mushrooms do not tolerate well. In addition, this color adheres particularly well on the loamy ground.

Dye clay plaster instead of painting

Clay plaster does not necessarily have to be painted, it can also be dyed or dyed. In most cases, these are natural, earthy shades such as the company Tierrafino - or soft pastel colors. It is also possible to mix a color of different colored plaster to your own taste. For people who like visual highlights, there are also clay plaster with mica and mother-of-pearl effect. In addition, creatives have the opportunity to incorporate natural materials into their clay plaster, for example, particularly beautiful stones or shells: in the bathroom, such ornaments are particularly good.

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