Combine harvester - calculate the costs

A farmer who has large areas to farm often does not want to be permanently dependent on contractors. But whether the purchase of a combine really worth it, he must make completely dependent on the circumstances.

Equipment determines the price

As with a valuable car, the equipment also determines the purchase price for a combine harvester. This includes not only the working width and performance, but also the nice extras, such as air conditioning. This is already normal next to a great sound system.

Important for the price:

  • working width
  • horsepower
  • four-wheel
  • board computer
  • air conditioner
  • Yield measurement with GPS
  • wheel size
  • Accessories like second cutting unit to switch between corn and grain

Do not forget maintenance costs

Such a combine requires a few liters of diesel. Even if you are exempt from taxes as a farmer, this point can extremely burden the budget. The agricultural insurance for the combine is added and a dry place for storage.

If the farmer has to finance the combine harvester, he should include the interest in his calculation. Likewise, even with a new combine harvester even signs of wear can occur, especially when maize chaff. The spare parts and repairs must therefore also be included in the calculation.

Prices of combine harvesters

The prices mentioned here can of course only be examples. By the way, VAT is added, because these are net prices.

  • New Holland - new built in 2014 - cutting unit 9.15 meters - from 680,000 euros
  • New Holland - used year 2006 - working width 6,10 meters - 265 kw from about 100,000 euros
  • Claas Tucano - used built in 2010 - working width 6.60 meters - 276 kw - from 140,000 euros
  • Claas Dominator - used year 1983 - working width 3.00 meters - 77 kw - from 10.000 Euro

Tips & Tricks

Do not get involved in an old discarded combine harvester. Even if the contractors often want to determine both the price and the date, it is rarely worth buying a combine harvester.

Remember also the repairs and the costs for spare parts. Both can easily exceed the purchase price of an old combine harvester.

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