Sitting more comfortably - changing the height of the sofa

Your couch just does not have the right height to really settle down comfortably? Maybe it's just too high, or simply too low, both could be possible. The good news: Of course, the seat height can be changed later, and that's even relatively easy! You probably have to invest a few Euros for it.

Simply saw off the sofa feet - is that smart?

If you do not like the height of your sofa any more and you want a lower seat, it seems like a very simple solution: saw off the feet of the couch a good deal!

If it is massive sofa feet, then this is actually not a particular problem dar. Mark the interfaces on the sofa standing after you have measured with the spirit level: Only in this way you get a flat seat.

However, with hollow sofa feet you would be removing the lower foot area of ​​the feet, which could negatively impact stability. In this case, it may be worthwhile to exchange the elements completely for lower ones.

It also works differently: height-adjustable feet provide flexibility

A great way to make for a lower or higher seating area is to attach height adjustable feet. In case of an increase, you can also screw these on existing furniture legs or castors.

Of course, if you want a lower couch, the old feet have to go away to replace them with the new ones. Adjust the couch with the help of a spirit level and look forward that you can change the height at any time!

When purchasing the sofa upgrades, however, there are a few things to keep in mind, which of course we do not want to deprive you: Finally, you should make the best possible purchase decision.

  • Make sure that you need additional adapters.
  • The carrying capacity should be at least 500 kg.
  • A set of four you get for about 40 euros.
  • For a corner sofa you need at least 8 sofa feet.
  • Make sure that you do not have to change the table height.
  • Some products can be used for many different furniture.

Tips & Tricks

Always fit your sofa feet with matching felt gliders to make sure your flooring will not get scratched. For parquet floor wool felt is best, for hard floors rather needle felt.

Product Image: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

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